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Go Ahead and Think Outside the Box!

I am trying to create a discipline where I blog daily. This alone requires effort and commitment. But isn't that what our lives ought to be about especially if we are trying to achieve our goals? That's just a teaser.

Anyways, yesterday was another day when I learned something. If not learning, I needed to recall something I had read.

I am a person who likes to try things out. Positive things. Sometimes when I do and people around me make what you call 'uncalled for comments' it cuts right through me. And trust me, I like to be agreeable with everyone. Okay, is this the part I say I am learning that it ain't possible to be agreeable with all? I thought so. Yesterday I just learned it on a higher grade. I needed to graduate:-) And I did.

The lesson dawned on me as I was being told of someone's catty comment and action of trying to change what they thought I had done wrong. I wanted to go defend why I had done what I had done. Plus why I thought it was right. But as I walked away vowing to approach the person, it dawned me. I keep saying dawn I guess it really did open my eyes to a new light.

Lesson: I don't have to defend myself every time I do something outside the box and somebody doesn't like it. Some people will just never get it. And its meant to be just like that. Ce la vie!!! Even if you do something that is highly positive, they will always see the negative. They will always seek to drag you down.

But, I have many a times abandoned my dreams at the altar of negative thinking because l took a portion of that thinking from someone who really has hell for a life. In the moment I did that, I always abandoned what kept me going - my passion.

Yesterday, I decided I was not here to please anyone. I will think outside the box. And if you don't like it, well my condolences. But this is not to say I won't reason with you because sometimes someone will see the pit before I do. Just between me and you, rarely is there a pit. It usually is someone trying to pull you down.

So go out - think out of the box, and let they that shiver in their boots for fear of trying new things enjoy the view:-)

I love writing. I especially love writing inspirational lessons that I learn as I try to achieve my goals. Trust me they are ambitious. So join me and share in my goofs...

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