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Healing Dysfunctional Families

In a recent article entitled "Some Evidence On How We Are Spiritually Connected" I reported on a case study that revealed how individuals who share common traumatic memories can help each other release the trauma at a distance employing a new tool called the Mind Resonance Process(TM). In this article I will elaborate some of the potential applications of such a result as well as its far reaching implications.

It is well known that within family systems, for instance, the individuals therein share an entire life history of common trauma. Often this trauma may be in the form of isolated incidents experienced by one individual outside of the family setting and then brought into the family via direct contact. In other situations the trauma may be the result of relationship difficulties within the family system itself.

In the quoted study it became evident that one way of accounting for the distance healing effects was by invoking the concept of an energy field of information within which is stored, just like on the hard drive of your computer, the life history of the individual. Hence the non-local, i.e. distant, effects of one field on another could then be used to explain the distance healing results that I observed.

Now it is also clear that one's DNA, with its own energy field, was inherited from one's parents, and theirs from their parents and so on. In other words the DNA, which is in every cell of one's body and whose energy field affects and informs the energy field of the entire body is doing so with many generations of historical information embedded in it.

In other words, it could be said that one is carrying many generations of trauma, not just one's own family history or life history of trauma. Now because the field interactions ie. interpersonal and intergenerational, that result from any trauma immediately and pervasively affect everyone in the collective energy field then such individuals become negatively affected. This is hypothesized to predispose individuals within a collective field to certain emotional and/or physical illnesses.

The interesting point however is that now we have a tool that is able to release negative fragments of trauma i.e. a traumatic memory, anywhere in the collective field and this hypothetically will automatically reverberate throughout the entire collective field, across space and time. This will release the effects of such trauma on anyone who has been, is, or ever will be part of that collective field.

The effects should be somewhat similar to what was described in the experience of the individuals in the quoted study. These include such things as a reclaiming of vital energy within individuals and within the system as a whole. What is also hypothetically possible is an entire restructuring of relational dynamics within the system. This is because the individuals will each shift to a place closer to their true or authentic selves.

What does all this mean? Well for one it means a happier and more peaceful family system that is invigorated and connected with positive loving energy rather than negative destructive energy. As I'm sure you can see the implications for the larger systems such as communities or the planet as a whole is staggering.

Nick Arrizza M.D. is an Energy Psychiatrist, Healer, Researcher, Speaker, Developer of the powerful Mind Resonance Process(TM), and Author of e-book: "Esteem for the Self: A Manual for Personal Transformation" which is available for download on his web site at: Dr. Arrizza holds ongoing International Telephone Healing and Teleconference Sessions on topics relating to Healing and Spirituality.

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