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Why Men Wont Commit To Marriage

A common reason why men wont commit could be due to their past. Men wont commit if they have witnessed their parents in the past arguing or rowing. Their childhood memories could be that of an unhappy one. They may not have been brought up in a happy family atmosphere. If their parents didn't get on together then they would have seen this situation as normal family life. Men will be much more cautious of committing themselves to a stable relationship if they have been brought up in an unhappy environment.

It is not until men experience a different family relationship that they gradually realise that not all families argue and row. They see how families relate to one another in a different light. They see them talk and discuss situations, plan and negotiate with one another, make arrangements to go out together as a family and, above all, make sure that everyone in that family is happy with all the arrangements. This is a situation that works for most families and once a man experiences this for himself he then knows that all families are brough up differently.

It is then, with great care, that he realises that he too would one day like to become part of a happy family. Now that this has opened his eyes he may wish to consider a long term engagement. It will take a long time to convince a man that he doesn't need to be afraid of commitment. If he takes a relationship slowly then he will gradually see for himself that he too can be part of a caring, sharing, happy family.

Another reason why men wont commit could be due to the fact that they wish to explore life to the full. They may have dreams, hopes, ambitions to travel the world and experience as many different ways as possible of how people exist in different parts of the world. There are many reasons why men wont commit themselves to a stable relationship but if you take things slowly, build up each others trust and let time take its course then you will be well on the way to establishing a great relationship. Then all he will need is time to realise for himself that there is no reason why not to commit.

Of course there will always be men who will not want to commit. This may be due to that fact that they wish to live on their own and come and go as they please. Only seeing other people when they please. Although this can be a very lonely life, it is their choice and they obviously enjoy their own company and want to do things in their own way in their own time.

Jenny Clair is the editor of an article based web site exploring the human side of marriage breakdowns, divorce and separation situations.

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