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5 Essential Online Tools for Writers and Publishers

Writing a newsletter or article can be very time consuming.First, you have to create your content.

10 Newsletter Ideas to Write Articles for Your Newsletter

Since you publish your newsletter on a regular basis, sometimes it's difficult to find newsletter ideas for your next issue's content. You sit in front of your monitor and stare at the white screen where the typing cursor is blinking.

Newsletter Names - Creative Ideas for Newsletter Titles

Your newsletter name has a big effect on your readership, so it's essential you choose a good name right from the start. Here are some ideas to help you come up with creative newsletter names.

Learn How to Choose a Great Topic for Your Newsletter

Since you're going to write your newsletter on a regular basis, it's essential that you choose a topic you're passionate about. Otherwise, it will be too boring and difficult for you to keep writing a valuable, informative article every day, week, or month.

Section Ideas to Include in Your Newsletter Design

A good newsletter template is not only consisted of a good design, but also good sections to make your newsletter interesting.I spend a lot of time studying successful newsletters and collected a list of section ideas for my own newsletter.

How Many Articles Can An Author Write As An Expert In A Field?

More and more smart business people are finding the value of writing articles and putting them online in order to propel their expert status in their field. From this they develop a clientele base, which will patronize their businesses.

Plagiarism on the High Seas

More and more companies are finding the value in informational advertising. Giving away information to the world.

Print On Demand Questions

Print on demand (POD), a cross between self-publishing and digital technology, is a hot publishing trend. Your book will be printed within weeks, but POD is still a gamble.

I Finally Discovered The Secret To FREE Content No One Else Has!

There are many tips and techniques to increase your search engine ranking. One of the most powerful, yet simple method is sharing content, as in, writing articles that you then feed to article directories.

5 Tips for Catching Errors in Your Manuscript

What is your worse fear as a self-publishing writer? For many, it's finding mistakes after publication.Imagine receiving boxes of books from the printer only to discover a glaring typo.

Newsletters - Keeping Your Customers Informed

Many businesses use email newsletters to introduce themselves to new customers and to maintain contact with existing and past clients. By sending useful and relevant information on a consistent, regular basis, you maintain constant contact without the risk of irritating and alienating your customers.

How to Choose a Good Newsletter Name

Good newsletter names are usually 2-4 words. If shorter, they can't explain what your newsletter is about, and if longer, they will be hard to remember.

Employee Newsletter Ideas - 7 Creative Ideas for Your Employee Newsletter

Employee newsletters are an effective tool to communicate with your employees. Here are 7 employee newsletter ideas.

Newsletter Name Ideas - Creative Ideas to Choose A Good Name for Your Newsletter

When you want to choose a name for your newsletter, you should come up with as many newsletter name ideas as you can think of. Because the more ideas you get, the easier it will be for you to choose a good name.

Word Newsletter Templates - How to Easily Create Them

You can use Word newsletter templates for both Word and PDF newsletters. PDF is one of the most popular newsletter formats because it is easy to read and user-friendly.

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