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Mother's Day Crafts

Make these quick and easy crafts with your children for Mother's day. These can be handmade for Mom or Grandma!

Flower Pens for Mom

Is your mom always looking for a pen around the house, and can't find one? Well make this pen and she'll spot it right away!

What You'll Need

? Bic Pen (ball point)

? silk flower

? floral foam

? low temp hot glue gun

? floral tape

? paint or markers

? small notepaper or Post-It pads

? small to medium sized terra cotta pot

How To Do It

Note: Adult supervision is needed when using a glue gun.

1. Start by decorating the flower pot. Have the child be creative! They can use colorful designs or patterns. Have them use paint or markers. Let dry while you move on to the next step.

2. Remove the cover from the pen and set aside.

3. Choose a nice big silk flower - sunflowers and carnations work well! Pop the silk flower off of its stem. Put a dab of glue on the end of the pen, and push the flower on to the end, right into the glue. Hold in place for about 30 seconds to secure.

4. Use floral tape to wrap over the seam of the flower and the end of the pen. Continue wrapping all the way down to the tip. The floral tape will adhere better if you give it a slight tug as you are pulling it.

5. After the pot is dry, add a small piece of floral foam to the center of the pot (about 2"x2"), securing it with the glue gun. Then add a small dab of glue to the pen cover and push into center of foam.

6. Slide the pen into the cover, and surround with a few pieces of paper or post it note pads.

Fingerprint Flower Frame

This is a memorable keepsake for mom. She will show it off with pride!

What You'll Need

? 4 large wooden craft sticks

? washable paints

? markers

? white glue

? magnet strip

? picture of child

How To Do It

1. Start by laying out the 4 wooden craft sticks. Arrange them to form the frame and glue together.

2. Paint the child's fingertip, and then press onto the craft stick to form a fingerprint. Repeat this several times, alternating colors if you wish. Make sure to leave enough space in between each fingerprint to embellish the flowers with petals, etc.

3. Have the child write a message to mom on part of the sticks if desired!

4. Wash hands and let sticks dry.

5. When the craft sticks are dry, have the child use markers to decorate the fingerprints. Add petals, stems and leaves. Be sure to leave at least one fingerprint to make a friendly creature like a butterfly or ladybug!

6. Add your child's name and date to the back of the frame.

7. Adhere the picture to the back of the frame and add a piece of magnetic strip so mom can hang on the fridge!

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