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Clear Wax Candles vs. Gel Candles

In the last five years a new type of clear candle has emerged - freestanding resin-based (aka clear wax) candles. Using a base of mineral oil, the candle uses a patented resin as the stabilizer, creating a candle that outshines both traditional paraffin and gel candles. It requires no container like gel candles, burns longer than paraffin and holds more fragrance than both. The flame burns down through the inside of the candle as light radiates through the candle's side wall. These resin-based candles can be made in any traditional paraffin shape, with no bubbles. This lends them more decorative appeal than gel candles and more durability than paraffin candles.

A handful of manufacturers have embraced this new technology, but many large manufacturers have avoided gel candles altogether. Candlemakers site the dangers of gel candles as a reason for not offering the clear freestanding candles. Resin-based candles have unfairly been lumped into this category. Gel candle safety concerns while valid, revolve mostly around containers and embeds, of which resin-based candles have none. As a result, clear wax candles are a much sought after commodity in places like eBay and other online venues.

Imagine a candle you can see through - with no bubbles. There are no seascapes or flammable embeds in these candles - just pure clear color and sheer fragrance. This is the resin-based candle reality. Elegant and refined, but unpretentious for the decorator. The Oprah Magazine even featured clear wax candles in the O List a few years ago as an alternative to shorter burning paraffin counterparts. Resin based candles actually cost less per burning hour than most paraffin candles and don't pose the safety risks of gel candles.

Whether in front of a mirror or alone in the darkness, the colorful radiance of clear wax, resin-based candles is something you have to see to believe. When you stand on one side of a candle and look through to the other, the difference becomes clear.

Lisa Robbin is the Director of Product Development for the giving candle, the maker of Heavenly Gems resin-based clear candles. Lisa writes articles on all things candle related in an effort to educate consumers about making the most out of their candle purchases. You can email her directly at

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