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Tips For Buying a Whirlpool Bath Online

So you're building the bath of your dreams but find the prices you have been quoted for the Whirlpool Bath way out of your budget.

Don't despair and settle for a Whirlpool Bath you don't want!

Go online and save by buying direct from a Whirlpool tub distributor. Here's how. (more information at

There are three choices in Whirlpool baths;

1) Hydrotherapy - Jetted Water Whirlpool Baths

2) Air Bubble - Heated Air bubbles distributed over entire body

3) Combo - Both Hydrotherapy and Heated Air functions combined

Hydrotherapy is the more traditional Whirlpool you have probably experienced. It is great for relaxing muscles, lowering blood pressure, and relieving stress. It is however a hazard to young children and adults with medical conditions, in which case the more gentle Air Bubble Whirlpool bath is suitable.

The Combo gives both whirlpool choices but at an additional cost of course.

Two key factors in choosing your whirlpool are fit and fit;

1) Fit - Whirlpool bath suits your body and ease getting in and out

2) Fit - getting the Whirlpool bath into your house and bathroom!

You should not hesitate to climb into the Whirlpool Baths on display in stores to make sure you are comfortable with the feel to your body and you can easily get in and out. Once you have determined the model you like you can go online to get the best Whirlpool bath price delivered to your door.

Take a brochure home that has the Whirlpool Bath's dimensions and location of pump to ensure the whirlpool bath will fit into your bathroom. The pump location is important to ensure access for serviceability during the the life of the whirlpool bath. You can also get dimensions online in advance without going to a store, and narrow the whirlpool bath models you will look at once at the store knowing which ones will fit already.

If want to save time go to; and click on the manufacturer links below you can look at hundreds of different whirlpool baths and their pricing to see what you like.

Here is a list of jetted Whirlpool Bath Makers

Hydro Systems
Porcher Absolute
ST Thomas

Here is a list of Combo Whirlpool Bath Makers

Hydro Systems

Once you are sure the whirlpool bath fits you, your home, and your budget, go online and buy! More information is at;

Make sure you buy from an online retailer that has great prices, great return policies, verisign credit card security, and good BBB (better business bureau) ratings.

Kevin Taylor is a free lance home improvement writer/webmaster from Toronto Canada. More Information at

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