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Conservatory Planning Permission in the UK

It is quite unusual in the UK for a new conservatory to require planning permission. However, as we shall continually state in this article it is always sensible to check with your local authority. As there is always some element of the project that is quite unusual it is prudent to get permission. If in any doubt at all you should contact your local authority for confirmation. This is particularly so in Scotland where the rules governing conservatory planning permission differ somewhat from the rest of the UK.

There are a number of things that may cause your conservatory to require planning permission. The size of the conservatory relative to the property is important and also if the property is a terraced, semi-detached or detached house. Also, the size of the garden or back yard is important, as the conservatory must not occupy more than a certain percentage. When you are planning the conservatory take into account its position relative to boundaries of the property as the conservatory must remain within certain parameters. Should the conservatory be used as a commercial entity or if it is to be used as a separate dwelling then planning permission will almost certainly be required.

The make and style of the conservatory does not normally impact the need for planning permission. For example, the convention materials for conservatory construction are timber, aluminium and uPVC and these do not impact the planning issue. Similarly the style such as period designs like Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian is not important to this issue. Lean-to conservatories may have some bearing depending on the height of the roof relative to the property.

If you are considering a patio awning attached to the conservatory then this should also be OK, but a quick phone call to the planning department is always sensible.

If you are ambitious enough to build the conservatory yourself then definitely check with the local building regulations and planning department. If you don't and mistakes are made it could become a very costly business, so follow the golden rule and always check. If the conservatory is being built for you, then your retailer should guide you in the right direction, but always check with your local authority as the worse thing that can happen once you've built your conservatory is that you have to take it down.

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