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Log Homes - Finding the Perfect Log Home Plan

One of the first steps in building a log home is deciding on a floorplan. Many people spends months, or even years, searching for the perfect plan. However, it doesn't have to be that difficult.

Most log home companies have a portfolio of standard plans that are published in plan books, in log home magazines, and on company web sites. Many companies also have an additional portfolio of modified standard plans that they sometimes don't promote - but will show if asked. Most have an architectural staff that can help with modifications to standard plans, or development of a completely custom plan.

Don't restrict your search to plans that fit your desired square-footage range. Small house plans can be "super-sized" and large plans can be "down-sized." Also don't overlook potential plans just because exterior drawings of the house are not to your tastes. Exteriors can be easily changed.

Another source of plans are books and magazines containing floorplans for conventional houses. Just be aware that the plan you choose may have to change a little to be buildable as a log home.

Finally, if you just can't find a plan that meets your needs, create your own using one of the readily available "home design" software products. These products range in price from $19.95 to hundreds of dollars. Just be aware that the higher priced products are richer in features but more difficult to learn. None of the products are designed specifically to create log home plans. However, most can do the job, often with some degree of difficulty.

Al Hearn is owner and operator of, a web site for log home enthusiasts. It contains comprehensive information, resources, and advice for anyone who is planning or building a log home.

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