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Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Purchasing a hot tub is a big investment and one that should not be taken lightly. Hot tubs cost thousands of dollars and if not maintained properly they can become ineffective within just a few months. Maintaining your hot tub and all of its components is a key factor in how long it will last. In order to maximize the life of your hot tub and keep it running smoothly for many years, follow these steps which will ensure your hot tub will function properly.


Testing your water once a week is crucial to maintaining a hot tub. When you purchase a hot tub, the manufacturer should provide you with testing strips or drops which coincide with the type of hot tub you bought. If your hot tub uses bromine, the test strip will need to test for bromine, chlorine, ph and alkalinity. For chlorine, it tests Ph and alkalinity. If your hot tub uses a natural purifier, the test strip should indicate it is testing for Ph, alkalinity and monopersulfates.

Shock Treatment

Shocking is an important component in maintaining your hot tub. If you use your hot tub 2-4 times per week then you will need to shock it only once a week. If you use your hot tub more than 4 times a week you will have to shock it twice. If you have a natural purifier (as opposed to a bromine purifier) lightly shock the hot tub after every use as well as one heavy shock per week.


Once you have a schedule set out, maintaining your chemicals is easy. If you test your hot tub and your Ph level is low, there are products that you can buy specifically to increase those levels. In addition, there are also products which are designed specifically for hot tubs that have Ph levels that are too high. Your hot tub should have bromine or natural purifier in it at all times.

Keep the Pumps On

Keeping you hot tub running 24 hours a day will help to prevent bacteria and viruses. Water which stays in one place for a certain period of time tends to grow bacteria and fungus which can lead to a number of problems in the future. You can purchase automatic timers to install into your hot tub which will automatically active the pump at certain times throughout the day.

Cleaning the Filter

Use the manufacturer's instructions regarding how to clean the pump's filter. Generally, when you empty the hot tub to replace the water you should clean the pump filter. Ensure the filter basket in the hot tub is free of debris at all times, especially if the hot tub is outside or uncovered.

Following these steps will help to reduce the chance of fungus or bacteria buildup in your hot tub. Proper chemical maintenance is needed to prevent diseases as well. Taking steps in maintaining your hot tub now can save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Terri Greene works as a contributing editor for the website which offers information about hot tubs to spa covers.

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