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Outdoor Bars - Essential For Summer Entertaining

The trend for enhancing your patio is to create an outdoor kitchen area. Cooking and eating aren't the only things favored by these new ideas in outdoor living. Outdoor bars can be an essential part of your summer enjoyment creating the sense that you really have more of an outdoor room. When planning bars outdoors; consider the functionality of these newly created outdoor rooms. One consideration would be for it to be a conversation area. Low seating arrangements should be higher than a cocktail table, but lower than a dining table. This is ideal for serving beverages and appetizers, playing cards, or talking with your friends. You could also use typical high barstools if your outdoor bar is located on more of a balcony, deck, or if there is a fantastic view you don't want your guests to miss. No outdoor room would be without something lovely to look at, such as a pool or beautiful outdoor fireplace. If you live on water, you don't have to go far for a view. You will have friends and family clambering to be on the guest list to enjoy the summer. It's exhilarating and calming at the same time when you can sit on a patio down by the water and listen to the waves coming up on shore. Your outdoor bar is perfect for entertaining every time of day. You can have coffee outdoors and even cook up the eggs from your stove outside. Your bar is always close at hand to serve up the afternoon iced tea or lemonade, and in the evening you have everything you need to mix drinks for your guests. No outdoor bar would be complete without an outdoor sink and refrigerator. These appliances would be considered necessities for the bar drinks you will be mixing. How about a trendy wine refrigerator for your favorite chardonnay? Don't be afraid to put these kinds of appliances outdoors. Many are made especially for the outdoors.

Outdoor canopies add that special touch for a true outdoor room. Colors for your outdoor bar room could be anything under the sun. Your outdoor patio would take on more an outdoor room feeling if you kept the colors in the same palette as the patio. Flow of color should be maintained outdoors as well as indoors. The same rules of decorating apply. I like to consider the colors of flowers I plant outdoors as an extension of my indoor color palette. Doesn't it make sense to have flowers that flow with your colors inside? If you have soft salmon pinks in your living room, why would you want orange and blues outside? Your outdoor patio furniture can be of any style as long as it also flows with the style of home. If you have a rustic log home, the high tech aluminum patio furniture may not be your best choice. If you want to shake things up a little, add pine Adirondack chairs. They are rustic, yet have a simple sophistication as well. Bring in some eclectic looks with some antique accessories around the bar. You can find vintage pieces that will enhance any outdoor room and bar and if they are old, you don't necessarily care of they get wet as they are exposed to the elements. I had a patio that I added some old tool chests for tables and other large pieces that were extra seating. They also became a conversation piece. Don't be afraid to decorate outside the box when doing up the patio or outdoor area. Maybe you'd like to splurge on a sophisticated look with marble or granite countertops because the natural material looks fantastic outside on the bar and tabletop. You never know when those little accidents happen, so consider using plastic champagne or martini glasses if your gathering is informal, or do it up in style with the baccarat crystal. A few basic ideas can help your outdoor bar area come alive as an outdoor room, making it very enjoyable for your next party.

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