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Metal Carports: Steel Carport Guide

Buying a carport to protect your investment can be a very frustrating task. With hundreds of manufacturers claiming to have the best product, how do you know who to trust? First you must ask yourself, are they out to make a buck, or to protect my truck? The first line of defense is to know what makes a good carport and the second is to trust your first instinct and know that you are protecting your mobile investments.

I you are like me, when you first started looking for a shelter for your vehicle(s), you knew exactly what you wanted but didn't really know why. The first line of defense is knowledge and that only comes from learning. So let us start from the beginning. Have you ever quietly wondered to yourself what galvanized is? Questions like this are difficult because they are hard enough to not know, but easy enough to feel embarrassed to ask.

Basically, galvanized steel carports will have a zinc coating which prevents the carport frame from the various corrosive elements, such as water and salt, from coming into contact with the steel of the carport. This will in turn generally eliminate the possibility of rust. So as you can see this is a very important feature but is defiantly not the end all solution that should make you feel comfortable with handing over a blank check to the next dealer you see. Another important feature your carport will boast about is its gauge, which is the thickness of the steel that protects your valuable(s). As you might have guessed, a thicker gauge offers your prized possessions more protection from various natural hazards ranging from falling limbs or snow. What ever gauge you choose make sure that "good weather" doesn't stop you from considering a good carport. Keeping that new SUV out of the sun will not only make that paint last longer, but will keep your legs from simi-permanently melding to that leather that you will happily pay for the next few generations to come.

Overall, I defiantly recommend steel carports over wood or plastic. Not only will you get more life out of them, but they are in most cases cheaper as well. As far as looks and frame strength are concerned you will defiantly get what you pay for. Some of the more "affordable" models will take sort cuts to cut costs so be sure that you will be happy with your investment before taking the plunge. I usually recommend carports that use one piece construction for the bow pieces which support the roof. This is a nice feature that adds strength and increases the overall appearance of the carport. I also recommend that you look for a full radius turn instead of 2 sharp turns on the bow supports. Ask your dealer for more information and they should be able to assist you with any other technical decisions.

Last but not least, you may also want to talk to your insurance agent and let them know about your new metal carport as it just may reduce your premiums for your car(s) as they will be very much more shielded from the nasty effects that nature can cough up.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

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