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Power Tools and HAV - Hand Arm Vibration - Prevention is Better Than Cure

Power tools are some of the most useful devices ever invented, but by their nature of concentrating and directing force you need to be prepared for the extra juice.

What is Hand Arm Vibration?

Hand Arm Vibration is the effect of long term or extreme vibration exposure from power tool use. It can result in the following medical conditions.

  • vibration white finger
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • permanent and painful tingling and numbness in the hands and arms
  • damage to bones in the hands and arms
  • painful joints and muscle weakening

Not too nice is it? It is estimated that hundreds of thousands have advanced vibration white finger.

Minimizing HAV

More modern tools are designed to reduce vibration. Some tools isolate the human contact zone from the vibrating parts - which is excellent. So in purchasing power tools for yourself or your employees consider this very strongly, not just to be a nice fellow but as far has health and safety go it is a sound investment.

International codes have been implemented that require revealing the vibration level of a tool. The units of vibration are in meters/second/second. Try to avoid using tools above 2.5

Regular maintenance and tuning of tools will keep them operation at recommended level, and always give appropriate training in using the tool and using the right power tool for the job.

Power tools are great and used safely they are even better.

Graeme Sprigge is the webmaster of PowerTools-Info and you can find more information on power tools there. You are welcome to visit anytime!

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