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Help With Buying A New Ceiling Fan

When you are choosing a new ceiling fan there are a couple of things that you really need to think about before you go out and make a purchase. If you do not think and plan before purchasing your new ceilnig fan, there is a chance that it will not perform the way you want it to or it might not even fit in the space allocated. Even worse, you may inadvertently be using a ceiling fan that is not suited to the environment you place it in.

Size Your Ceiling Fan
So you have decided to buy a new ceiling fan. The first thing you need to do is to find out what area you have available. Take a measuring tape and accurately measure the space around the point where the fan is to be mounted. This measurement wil dictate the blade length and is intended to stop the blades from coming too close to the walls. Also find out the ceiling height to avoid collisions between the rotating blade and objects underneath.

Decide On Lighting
Many ceiling fans now come with built-in lighting, which really does help to make it a centerpiece in any room. However, if you want to place the fan in a room that is already sufficiently lit via uplighters or lamps then it is advisable to buy a standard ceiling fan without a light. You can always add a lighting kit at a later date.

Save On Energy Costs With ENERGY Star Fans
If you live in a hot climate then you will probably be using your ceiling fan for long periods during the day. As the price of electricity rises it would be prudent to buy a ceiling fan that has been rated ENERGY Star complient. There are plenty of ceiling fans that are complient with this standard that will save you money.

Choose A Style
No matter what style your room is you will be able to find a ceiling fan that will blend right in. There are so many fans available on the market right now - it really is a buyer's market. Some of the more popular styles of ceiling fan include:

  • Bamboo ceiling fans
  • Palm ceiling fans
  • Rattan ceiling fans
  • Tropical ceiling fans
Low Ceilings? Try A Hugger Fan
If you have a room with a low ceiling but still want a ceiling fan to cool the temperature down you need a hugger fan. These types of fans are customized for these types of rooms as they come with shortened downrods.

Before you buy, make sure you can get the fan installed. If you are competent with electrical fittings or have experience in the installation of a ceiling fan in the past then you can simply take it home and install it yourself. For those who are less confident you can arrange for a local electrican to install it for you.

Andrew Boyd is a content writer offering help and advice on floor fans and ceiling fans that helps people make a more informed buying decision.

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