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Home Inspection: A Doctor Visit for Your Home

Has your house had a check up yet?

Home inspection is like a visit to the doctor for your home. The home inspector will give your home a physical from top to bottom.

Most of us do not know enough about the structures and systems of our home to give it the kind of thorough investigation that a good home inspector can give you. This leaves us open to unexpected and costly repairs. A good home inspection is preventive maintenance that lets you know about some of the problems before they occur. Home inspectors will let you know about anything dangerous they see.

Home inspection checks the roof for leaks and potential leaks. They look at possible hazards from trees and wires above the house. They check the attic for any dangerous wiring or storage or structural problems. They will check the electrical systems and plumbing to be sure they meet the codes for safety and are functioning properly.

Home inspection looks for insect problems such as termites that could be damaging your home from the inside. They help you catch these pests before serious problems occur and advise you how to get help for any damage already there.

Home inspection checks your foundation and your basement. Many homes have problems no one ever sees because they are below ground. Homes literally go up in smoke each year because of the poor storage of hazardous cleaning rags and chemicals. Home inspectors are alert to these, as well.

Home inspection also tells you what's working well in your home. If the foundation is solid, the plumbing and electrical systems up-to-date, and the roof is fit to last another 10 years, they will let you know.

Don't wait. Check with American Society of Home Inspectors at Ashi.Org, one of the oldest and largest organizations of home inspectors in the US. Get your home inspected soon!

About this writer -
Peter Mettarod started his home inspection business to help people get the most value from buying and selling their homes. He shows them how to really know what they are getting. You can read more articles about home inspection at Your Home Inspections

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