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Be Cool and Comfortable While Saving Money

The cost of energy is on the rise, so if you want to have better air quality and feel more comfortable, you must be prepared to pay for it. People in homes and businesses are looking for ways to save money and still remain comfortably cool. Purchasing a portable air conditioner is one way to lower your energy costs. Central air conditioning an entire home is expensive. The portable model will cut down on the cost by only spot cooling the room you wish. Ceiling fans help circulate the air while a dehumidifier takes the moisture out of the air. These two work in tandem with portable air conditioners creating totally comfortable surroundings. Your sunroom might be the warmest room in the house or your bedroom might be located on the second floor.

At night when you want to sleep, or in the afternoon when you want to read, you need extra assistance for comfort. Portable air conditioners are easy to move around and place just where you need them most. A window air conditioning unit is unsightly, doesn't fit certain shapes of windows, can do damage to the window frame, and is a job to install. Portable air conditioners are the perfect solution for this problem. Place it exactly where you wish in the room and you will have cool comfort anytime. Is your office building turning off the air at night to save money? This can wreak havoc with your computers that create their own heat. Many companies feature portable cooling systems that will be just the right size to keep your valuable computer equipment safe. These systems are very specific to the type of system you have, so check with the manufacturers for the proper cooling system for your equipment.

Humidity is another issue that can make you feel uncomfortable, and it can do damage to your home and furnishings. Your basement will feel humid most of the time because it is nearest the earth and in many states there is a high dew point during the summer. A recommended humidity level in the home is around 40 - 50%. A dehumidifier is necessary to remove the moisture and protect against mold and mildew or a musty odor. These are two damaging things to your home and your respiratory system. Floors can warp, wallpaper can peel and pipes will drip if there is too much moisture in the air. A dehumidifier works best if they are in an enclosed area away from outdoor air and where air movement is restricted. The goal is to feel more comfortable, but you want to be energy efficient as well. Check for models that do not keep the fan running continuously. This isn't really necessary and will be more expensive to run. A dehumidifier doesn't need much care. Just scrub out the pan containing the water every few weeks to discourage the growth of bacteria. Make sure anytime you do this to unplug the system first.

If you want a little extra circulation in a room with or without air conditioning, a stylish ceiling fan might be just what you need. They can create the atmospheric surroundings you want and give a look that blends with any décor. They can be adjusted for the winter as well. Most have a switch that adjusts the way they spin, creating an updraft or a downdraft. There is just about any model and style you could want for your room. They are made so that they hug a ceiling if you don't have a lot of clearance, or long enough for a cathedral style vaulted ceiling. You can even find models that work outdoors. Using any of these items alone or together will help promote healthy living so you, your families and employees are happier and more productive.

Mae Marshall is a successful freelance writer offering guidance and suggestions for consumers buying portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air filters and more. Her many articles can be found at She gives information and tips at to help you save money and make informed buying decisions.

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