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Ceiling Fans Look Great and Save You Money

It doesn't matter if you live in a hot climate or the North woods; there are many days when the breeze isn't blowing and you would like the air to circulate for comfort. Running central air conditioning is expensive and isn't always called for. We automatically feel cooler just from the evaporation against our skin when a slight breeze is blowing. Energy costs are high enough so why not consider ceiling fans for your rooms? You get the circulation you need and a great look at the same time. Because they are hanging from the ceiling, they're out of the way. You don't have anything to walk around or trip over. They also save you money in the winter time. You can adjust the switch to rotate the blades in the opposite direction, causing a downdraft, circulating the warm air from the furnace. Most of the models have more than one speed so you can control the amount of air movement you want. A ceiling fan looks great in any room and can eliminate the need for air conditioning. If you have low ceilings, don't worry about it. There are hugger styles that only come down a few inches from the ceiling. If you need to drop a fan from a cathedral height, you can find that as well. No matter how much clearance you have, you will be able to find a style for your needs.

The size of the room will determine the size of fan blades you will need. For example, if you want a fan for a bedroom, purchase a fan with 36-inch fan blades. One of my bedrooms was very small but I didn't have central air and I needed circulation at night to sleep. I had to find a very small ceiling fan to accommodate the room size. This was no trouble and worked exactly as I hoped it would. On the other hand, if you want a fan for your family room, the size of the fan blades would be different. This type of room would probably take a 48 or 56 inch fan blade. Two fans would probably be used in a room that is longer than 19 feet. This is only a guideline, use your judgment of what would look right for your home.

A ceiling fan is usually installed in the center of a room so it can become the focal point. You might choose a fan that is modern and contemporary in black or red enamel. What about a fan that is plain white so it will blend into the ceiling, or customize it by stenciling a design to match your décor? These fans are nice for your child's room as well. There are such cute styles available such as airplanes, soccer balls and baseballs for lighting, nursery rhyme themes, primary colors for blades and so much more. If you want a fan in the lanai or sunroom, what about a tropical style? The fan blades could be sail cloth, or wicker in natural, white, black or they could look like actual leaves. The palm blades could even be attached to the fan much like track lighting. They don't have to be in a circular pattern. This would give you more versatility in the room. You may want this style outdoors on the patio. Many of the styles available are coded for outdoor use. Just check with the instructions and the manufacturer before installing a ceiling fan outside. You want to be sure they are protected from the elements and that they are specific for outdoor use. Another contemporary style is one where the motor is globular and there are fan blades that rotate around it such as a satellite would orbit the earth. It doesn't matter if you have a Victorian style home or contemporary, log home or ranch, you can find any style you can imagine for your rooms. It will look great, enhance the theme and circulate the air saving you money at the same time. Some of the name brands you may or may not recognize. You can find a ceiling fan to fit every budget. Be aware that a really inexpensive ceiling fan may be a little noisier. It is nice to have them do their work, but you don't want to hear a squeaky motor running either.

When you install a ceiling fan in your home, you have just accomplished an economical makeover, helped lower your energy costs in winter and summer and put in a piece of air cooling equipment that will work with the air conditioner for even more efficiency. That's a really good decision.

Mae Marshall is a successful freelance writer offering guidance and suggestions for consumers buying portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air filters and more. Her many articles can be found at She gives information and tips at to help you save money and make informed buying decisions.

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