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Make your Sauna a Focal Point

A sauna has been used throughout history in every part of the world to promote health. The wealthy did not consider their mansions complete without the warmth of a steam bath or spa. Today, hot tubs, above ground pools, Jacuzzis, swimming pools, and saunas are considered a necessity in the best health clubs, resorts and spas. Centuries ago, saunas were used to "cure the blood" and used primarily in hospitals and birthing wards. Athletes from European countries even carry portable saunas around with them to sporting events for relaxation and body healing. There is evidence that the sweat producing steam rooms support the immune system and increase circulation. Sweating is our body's built-in mechanism for keeping the temperature as close to 37 degrees Centigrade as possible. We rid wastes of all types out of the pores of the skin as well. It is said that smokers will benefit from the use of a hot wrap because the towel will come out yellow as the toxins are eliminated from the body. It has been known since the days of Hippocrates that an "artificial fever" will assist the body in healing. Your immune system is boosted, and the white blood cells increase. As we become hotter, we produce interferon and speed up the development of antibodies.

There are many styles of saunas for indoors and outside. They would make a nice addition to a patio or as an accompaniment to above ground pools or hot tubs. The experiences are all quite different which makes relaxing and entertaining fun and easy for the whole family or neighborhood. If you rent or don't have much backyard space, you may want a portable sauna in your bathroom. It is certainly a luxury to create your own private oasis in your master bath or anywhere else in the house. You can even place a sauna in a closet that you aren't using, or the garage. You are only limited by your budget and size restraint as to the type you can put in your home. You have the capability to create a custom bath or a use one of the many pre-made kits that are on the market. It's your choice.

If you do have the space, have the sauna become a focal point for your backyard or patio. Combine the wonder of nature and the soothing, relaxing health benefits with your choices of outdoor saunas. A hot tub provides hydrotherapy, and is also nice choice for the backyard. The warmth of the water under the starry sky is truly a romantic experience.

There are many benefits from the use of saunas or steam rooms, but caution should be used as well. It is not recommended for people with high blood pressure or heart disease to use a sauna as it may increase the heart rate. Small children, pregnant women and the elderly should also use with caution or consult your physician. If you are chronically ill, you may want to consider an infrared sauna after asking your doctor. This type of system works without using as much heat in the air. The body is heated instead of the enclosure and you will feel more comfortable as you use it. If you have never tried this wonderful method of relaxing and detoxifying the body, you should put it at the top of your list of things to enjoy this year.

Beverly Hlavka is a successful freelance writer offering guidance and suggestions for consumers buying saunas, whirlpools, hot tubs, above ground pools and more. Her many articles can be found at She gives information and tips on to help you save money and make informed buying decisions.

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