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The Benefits of Small Dehumidifiers

So it's too humid in your 10' X 10' bedroom. Or perhaps the steam in your bathroom is starting to make the wallpaper peel. Maybe your closet is too moist, and your clothes are beginning to get mildewed. You've tried "airing out" the problem area to no avail. It's time to get a dehumidifier.

Full-size dehumidifiers are for large rooms - sometimes up to 3000-square feet. It wouldn't make sense to run one of these for an area that is only 100-square feet. So why not go shopping for small dehumidifiers?

There are two basic types of small dehumidifiers: mini and portable dehumidifiers. The smaller type is the mini.

These dehumidifiers are not machines at all. Most don't even plug into the wall. Rather, mini dehumidifiers contain a packet of salt or silica gel, which absorbs moisture out of the air. These can usually hold up to 16 ounces of moisture. When the absorbent gets full, the unit will indicate the fact, either by a color-change mechanism or a battery-operated light. To renew the packet, you can either air it out in a well-ventilated area, or you can plug the unit into the wall to heat it and shuck off the water. The salt or silica is dry again and ready for action. Ultimately, these will wear out, but at $20 or less, replacement shouldn't be a problem.

But if you should need a unit that is slightly larger for bigger jobs, go with a portable dehumidifier. It is basically the same construction as a full-size unit, but packed more tightly, with lighter components and smaller capacities. They walk the line between powerful-but-too-big, and convenient-but-too-weak. You will spend money on the heightened electricity bill with a portable dehumidifier, but you will notice the major difference right away.

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