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The Benefits of Closet Dehumidifiers

If your clothes are getting moist and musty, and stretched out or otherwise deformed as a result, the closet or cabinet they're hanging in is too humid.

Most closet dehumidifiers are wireless and use salt, silica gel, or other material to absorb moisture out of the air. When they become saturated, you either change the material or discharge it. All you have to do is set, hang, or mount the unit in your closet, and presto! The result is less humid air.

You can renew closet dehumidifiers by doing one of two things, depending on the manufacturer's specifications. One way is to dry the unit in the sun. The other way is to plug it into a wall outlet for a few hours. It heats up and discharges all of the moisture. Most wireless closet dehumidifiers can go at least one or two months before having to be discharged, depending on the volume of air, amount of moisture, and other factors. Be sure to discharge the unit in a well-ventilated room, or on the porch, where the water won't just turn around and saturate another part of your house.

Some closet dehumidifiers have silica gels that actually change color as they become saturated. That way, it's very easy to tell when it needs to be discharged.

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