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At Last You Can Customize Your Pegboard As Much As You Want

Customizable metal pegboard is set to revolutionise utensil storage. For forty years the limitations of fibreboard has narrowed our imagination in utensil storage.

Is your utility room, garage or workshop cluttered with tools and equipment and impossible to move around in without knocking over stacks of junk that you forgot was even there? Well now it's time to move the clutter from the floor to the walls and free-up all that space and make finding utensils, tools and other items easy with striped pegboard panels or regular wall panels.

The best wall storage systems you can find are the hardboard and fiberboard wall panels with grooved, pegged, slat, and holed slits which are designed for holding tools and utensils firmly and safely with panel fixtures.

Traditionally there was just fibre board panels or pegboards available for consumers these came generally in 4ft by 8ft panels, a quarter inch thick, and had either slits or holes, available for the last 40 years they have served thier purpose well but were restricted in utility and function and were not designed for much customization, now you can buy striped pegboard panels or custom colored panels made from metal.

Common faults with fibre board panels were the fixtures often popped off when you removed tools, an annoying habit that is remedied today with metal wall panels that require a special movement to unfix a fixture, ensuring the fixtures stay put when you remove a tool.

A metal striped pegboard panel will not be damaged by moisture or water damage and will not warp under extreme temperature and physical conditions. A metal striped pegboard panel will not chip or sag from the weight of the tools it supports, there is also the danger of the fine fibre particles themselves from the pegboard which can enter the lungs and cause much damage to your health.

The market has now met the demand for diversity and customization that wall storage consumers have been demanding in the past, the standard white hardboard pegboard is obsolete and costwize only a little cheaper than it's new modern metal counterpart which is almost endless in the ways it can be customized by the consumer and has many varieties of design, color and utility that would meet any and all detailed requirements of a buyer.

This is custom colored pegboard and is made from metal, it is durable and will outlast the traditional hard board peg board by many decades. Designed with utility in mind these metal pegboard panels have both round peg board holes and thin vertical slots placed side by side on the metal wall panels in rows.

This allows for multiple generic hooks and fixtures to be used on these metal grooved and pegboard wall panels, thus expanding your choice of uses and versatility, you can virtually hang anything now in whatever configuration you wish to design.

Rob Lear designed as an article rich advice site on wall panels, pegboard and custom pegboard to better inform the consumer. Rob has been in the business for 20 years.

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