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The Benefits of Steel Storage Buildings

Steel is gaining in popularity as a building material due to the many options it offers, its strength, and its affordability. Steel storage buildings are one of the many options available; they range from airplane hangars to garden sheds. The most popular use for steel storage buildings is as self-storage units. Security, space, strength and low maintenance are some of the advantages.

Steel is the preferred choice for storage buildings as it is strong enough to resist extreme weather conditions like high-speed winds, heavy snowfall and earthquakes. Low structural maintenance costs also make it a viable alternative. Steel storage buildings can be coated with aluminum compounds to prevent rusting. Steel paneling coated with aluminum compounds prevents rusting, and increases the life of the panels to almost thirty years.

Steel storage buildings quick and easy to erect. They are available in the form of pre-engineered structures that are sent directly to the building site for instant assembling. Pre-engineering involves cutting, drilling and welding done at the manufacturing site itself, thus making erection quicker and cheaper.

Versatility is another advantage of steel storage units. They come with adjustable panels, so that the size of each individual unit can be changed as per individual requirements. Easy expansion also enables easier addition of new units to the existing building, and the lack of support columns means that there is more free space within the building.

The likelihood of a fire destroying a steel building or spreading to other units is very low as they are non-combustible. This makes steel storage buildings especially suitable for storing chemicals and other hazardous materials. Furthermore, use of security systems like alarms and coded keypads increase the security of these buildings.

Costs are not only usually lower for steel buildings, but the total costs are usually more easily and accurately predicted. Steel buildings that are used for storage purposes cost less than conventional buildings, as they can be pre-engineered to suit the exact requirements of the site.

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