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Bring Out the Comforters for Back to School

If the weather is turning chilly it must time for the kids to go back to school. Bring out the comforters, flannel bed linens, quilts and stadium blankets. As in all bed linens and comforter sets, they come in different sizes to fit the bed you own. You probably have a king or queen size bed, and your kids may sleep in loft beds at home or at the dorm. A twin comforter will be just the right size for the kids away at school. Flannel bed linen comes in a lot of colors, patterns, and prints. They are great for young and old providing the right amount of warmth and softness next to the skin.

A comforter is generally filled with down and is one of the most popular choices of fill. It is light weight and incredibly warm. I feel that you can have warmth without weight and you never feel too cold while sleeping. There are many different kinds and qualities of down for every comforter. The least expensive is a combination of down and feathers, while just goosedown is the most expensive. Check the label for the "fill power". This will tell you how many ounces of down are in the comforter so you can determine how warm it will be. You can also choose a baffle pattern you like, the more tightly the feathers are held together, the warmer it will be as the feathers do not fall to the end of the comforter. Silk is another option for fill as well as a silk covering for the comforter. It is extremely warm, adjusts to your body temperature and is very lightweight. It is comparable in price to a high quality down comforter, and is also dry clean only. It is smart to do a little research before investing in something. Most comforters come in white, but you can purchase a duvet cover to match your décor if you wish. These are washable, but can be a bit difficult to put on and off the comforter on laundry day. Even if you have allergies, you may still be able to use down because it is believed that it is the mix of feathers with down that causes all of the allergic reactions. Also choose a fabric for the cover that is very tightly woven and this will also aid in protection from allergies. Often beds in dorms are extra long, bunk beds or loft beds. You can find comforters for all of these beds online or in stores.

Before you actually make a purchase of a comforter for yourself or your family, you might want to think about some things first. Do the kids like to sleep in a warmer room? Do you wear flannel pajamas or just a t shirt to bed? Are you generally chilly when you wake up? What is the coldest temperature your weather gets in the winter? Do you have a pillow top mattress or feather bed? All of these things will determine what type of comforter is best for your needs and sleeping habits.

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