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Comparing Types Of Conservatory Blinds

The cost of furnishing a conservatory can catch many people out, in fact it can often cost more than the conservatory itself. Conservatory Blinds can be very expensive so it is important to know what the choices are and what value a particular blind will bring. This article looks at the most common types and discusses the individual merits of each one.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are argueably the most attractive conservatory blind. They are available in a huge range of frabics and colours and have a modern elaborate look. They are a value alternative to pinoleum blinds and can be made with reflective material, which will help to maintain a more pleasing temperature. Typically, the pleats come in 25mm width but are increasingly available in 20mm. Pleated blinds are very versatile and can be used in any style of conservatory. Made to measure pleated blinds are readily available.

Pinoleum Blinds

Pinoleum blinds are the most traditional type of conservatory blind. Pinoleum is the name given to strips of thin wood which are woven together in different patterns. Roman or Rolled-up Pinoleum blinds are available. One of the great advantages of pinoleum blinds is that they let in a diffused light between the strips of wood. This gives them a great look. However, the downside is that maintaining the temperature is harder as heat comes in as well as light. This is obviously a problem is controlling temperature is the major concern, in which case this type of blind is probably not the right choice. Having said that it is possible to fix a reflective material to the back of the blind, but then the pleasant light effect is lost which is one of the major attribute of pinoleum blinds.

Roller Blinds

As previously discussed, conservatories are often tarnished by the high and low temperatures and the glare of bright sunlight. Also, bright light can damage furniture and ruin your favourite plants. However, you do not want to block out all light completely otherwise what would the point of a conservatory be. Roller blinds are a very versatile solution, while not as attractive as pinoleum or pleated blinds, they do offer a very practical solution. Also, they are great value and are usually at the lower end of the budget range. Roller blinds come in either standard sizes or made to measure. Or you can even adjust them yourself. Another advantage is that as they are typically made from synthetic material, roller blinds can be easily cleaned. Also, you can get reflective material to help keep the conservatory cool in winter and the heat out in the summer. Roller blinds are the easiest type of blind to fit yourself. The blind sits between two brackets that are fixed to the inside or outside of the window recess.

Hopefully this brief discussion will provide some assistant in choosing your blinds. As a general rule it is always a good idea to learn from other people's experience and so tap into friends and family who have already gone through this process. In addition talk to some experts and get some no obligation quotes, but make sure you know what is being quoted for.

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