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Best Friends

Do you ever need to have your batteries "re-charged", or you may need a boost to your self-confidence. You might be facing a very scary situation--like turning another year older with a BIG zero behind the number--and need a strong and reasurring presence.

How about having a totally attentive ear to vent your troubles to and get feedback, but only if it is requested. On a more enjoyable note, you may want to take a fun filled vacation and spend countless hours talking, watching the birds and catching up on life. Wouldn't it be wonderful to find--and then hold on to--that special person, the one that fits these needs, plus many more!

If you are paying attention, we're talking about best friends here! It is all so important to identify and cherish one of the greatest gifts on this earth--best friends! They are truly invaluable and can save you literally hundreds of dollars in a psychologist's office. Once identified, this person can serve as "counselor" on everything from children, spouses, religion and political issues.

Now, it is also important to realize that these best friends are a valuable tool and resource, and not something to be taken for granted. You have a responsibility to guard and protect them.

Make sure to respect not only their time, but also their point of view when you ask for their opinion. Treat your best friends like the priceless gem they are, and insure their protection. After all, it's difficult enough to find and keep good friends--much less best friends.

Penny Estes is Director of Sales and Marketing for a general contracting company in Memphis, Tennessee. Her primary responsibilities are to create new sales and marketing opportunties. Penny earned her Bachelor's degree from Eastern Collect, St. David's, Pennsylvania. Currently, she is in the process of completing her MBA.

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