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What Life is All About?

When we look at lives in any places in this world, we may come to the similar red line. Those lives consist of phases that take living creature from a step to a further one. Be it human or plants or animals, their lives are all the same. It's a growth from youth to old then die.

As for human life, we grow from infants to a cute little baby, from teenager to adult and then old. In between the phases we are expected to live the life at the fullest. In other words, we spend the days with expectation of having improvement and development.

We learn, and are taught to learn every single step so that we become better and better. When things go on as we want them to be, we would feel content and happy. Knowing that we have achieved something and that we move on to a better situation. But sometimes, we have to deal with something that we wouldn't want nor expect. Something that makes us down and sad. When such thing happens, we usually come to an unpleasant situation that often makes us not knowing what to do.

However, do we really ever notice that everything happens is only a scene that put us on a temporary condition?

Just picture this life as a journey?

We understand that every trip has a final destination which takes us to a journey that passes many scenes of places. Suppose we are going to Rome from London by car. When we go through the way we may find that not all the road is good, and not all places we go by has beautiful view. Not to mention that we may get stuck in a traffic jam somewhere along the way. But of course we may find beautiful places that tempt us to stop by. All the things we see and find all through the way can give effect to our trip duration. They can enhance the speed, delay or even cancel the trip. It depends on us. Are we going to let ourselves get carried away by the temptation or get defeated by the hardship we find that we forget our final destination? Will we also let the obstacles take our time and focus that they cause delay to our trip?

Only WE know the answer, for only WE know the destination.

Therefore, don't let good things that happen in our lives makes us blind to move on. Always be alert that things change. Get anticipated for the changes.

But if we face bad scenes, don't let ourselves down for too long. Raise head up. See far ahead. Think of the final goal so that we can pull ourselves together to deal with the situation. Keep in mind that it was just one of the parts we surely go by.

So when we are fully aware that any kind of things may happen, we'll have more self-control and we know that those things are lessons for us to be better. Coz even when we get struck in a hindrance, we'll know that it was only something that makes ourselves improved. For the way we handle the situation will teach us to be more creative in thinking.

In other words, self-improvement can be gained either through happiness or sadness, through good or bad times, through ease or hardship. The main thing is, everything happens for a reason?..a reason for our own goodness.

So, let's keep on moving?go through all the way until we reach our own destination.

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