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Get On with Your LIfe

You've lost your job, that's all you know, and you don't have money to go to school. Get on with your life. You sunk all the money you have into an internet business and haven't made a dime. Get on with your life. You say that you are broke and homeless have no education and no hope. Get on with your life.

The wise man Solomon said, "The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned, but time and chance happens them all."

It is not always the most qualified that get the prize. We have all seen people finish school with a handful of degrees. We have seen great athletes with tremendous natural ability, and yet they didn't make it in life in spite of their knowledge and ability. Why? Solomon says, "Time and chance happen to them all."

Time is the downfall of many people. When you are young, it seems that you have an unlimited amount, but it slips away quickly. To accomplish what you desire, you must use time wisely. Those who achieve success, set goals, write them down, and stick to them. Without goals you have no purpose and tend to drift through life.

Chance happens to us all. The executive makes a wrong judgement. The factory worker is laid off, because the company moves to cheaper labor in a foreign country. The athlete has an unexpected injury. The great shooter goe into a slump. How do you handle these mishaps? Such occurrences are a part of life. We just have to learn to deal with them.

What if something happens in your life that is not according to your plans? It's crucial that you don't panic. The critical thing is not the problems, but how you react to them. Career setbacks don't mean that you are a failure. They just reveal the need to keep trying.

One thing is for certain. If you keep on doing what you have been doing, you will keep on getting what you have been getting. If you are not getting what you want, nothing is going to change until you change what you are doing. Find out what doesn't work and stop doing it. Then try something different.

Falling on your face in the job you are trained for is difficult. I know. I have been there and done that. It may be the best thing that ever happened to you. You may find something you like even better. Experience definitely helps, but it's not everything. Having a talent for what, your doing can make up for lack of training and experience. Whether or not you succeed, depends largely on how hard and how smart you work.

The first thing you need to do is to enlarge your vision. We get so use to our own job and problems that we forget that our little space is just a tiny part of this world. Before you can improve your lot in life, you have to make room for it in your thinking.

There is life beyond the job you have or just lost. There are so many possibilities that it can stagger your imagination. Many hold themselves back from the good things in life by their limited vision. Open your eyes, believe in yourself. Go out there and grab your share of the pie!

If an Internet business is not for you, keep trying. It's no disgrace to lose a job, it's only a disgrace if you give up. We all have to search for the place where we fit. Sometimes the most brilliant fails because they are like a square peg in a round hole. Your niche is out there. You will find it. It is easier to find a job when you have one, so keep what you have until you find something better.

If you are struggling to keep your head above water in an internet business, get help from someone that is successful. Believing the hype about easy money you see on the internet is like asking a fat doctor for advice on losing weight.

Start writing a newsletter and get an autoresponder, so that you can follow up by auto pilot. Investigate some good affiliate programs you can belong to. Ask someone in the business what they recommend. You can make it if you keep learning and applying it to your action.


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