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Quitting Before It Even Starts

Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touch down. --Ross Perot

There is one tendency that can be regarded as the most unfortunate tendency in the world: That is to quit, when the starting gets tough. I know the saying is: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!" However, what happens with the majority who accept mediocrity is that "When the starting gets tough, the people go away!" The person has not gotten anywhere yet, there is no major improvement as yet. Just when the results are about to appear, the person can't handle anymore and then they quit.

The person going to the gym with this attitude will never get that body that they are hoping to get. The promise wasn't that strong to begin with and therefore they weren't willing to pay the price for it. The saddest part, as I said though is that they quit, just when they are about to get somewhere- just when some change is about to happen.

When you quit in this way, and you feel bad about it and want to start over again that is exactly what happens! You have to start over again. All of the improvement that you have received has vanished. There were things you could have built on, but when you quit, you have to start making the foundations all over again. Let me give you some advice about contemplating the idea of quitting: If you are planning to quit, then "plan" to quit. Think about quitting, but don't quit!

It's alright to think about quitting, everyone does it! However, if you want to see your success, it's right around the corner. Don't quit, otherwise you'll be down a whole other road trying to find the same corner and someone else would have taken it.

The successful person, just like the man or woman who goes to the gym, is also allowed to think about quitting as long as he/she doesn't actually quit. After thinking about quitting, the person should get into action again to complete one more thing that will lead to the success that they are looking for.

You don't lose anything by thinking about quitting. As long as you don't actually quit!

- Sukhbir S.

Sukhbir Singh is the Founder of LifeApps! Personal Development International Co., Ltd based in Bangkok, Thailand. This article was an excerpt from his E-book Success Lessons from the Gym. If you are interested in obtaining the entire E-book please contact LPDI at

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