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Comfort and Achievement

I'll share with you one of my deepest insights about achievement comfort and the desire to control even the slightest bump in the great ride we have come to call Life.

When someone asks me a question I try to avoid giving them a straight answer because I believe an answer can only complicate things, I find that the best way to help them is to pose a better question. You see an answer has a certain finality whereas a question can open new possibilities. I find that people need something certain and finite to grab onto, some believe that this can define their inner being provide happiness and wellbeing for the rest of their life. A great example is science, science is a way of giving answers right? WRONG, no scientist in the world has found an answer, but the greatest scientists have found great questions! Questions that gave us a better understanding about the world around us. Can you remember when you where young and the world seemed so exciting, how every color and every smell had an identity of its own? You didn't know that "red" was red but it certainly made you feel in a way that no one else could or can possibly understand.

We all evolved to the person we are today due to our keen sense of curiosity. I don't know about you but every time I asked the same question to different people I got a different answer, the people that gave me the answers didn't evolve nearly as I did, my guess is that this same thing happened to you too.

As we grow older and older we rarely make any questions and subsequently our evolution rate declines. We become self absorbed and goal oriented, we feed our pompous ego with "achievements" that don't feel quite right but we do them anyway because they make us seem important and give us comfort and ease. With that stated, I'm not surprised that I rarely see a truly happy man. We have made happiness into achievement, which is tragic. You can't achieve something that you have always had but you have been trained systematically not to see.

You reach to the top and you realize that it isn't the status that matters but what brought you there, are you proud about the things you did to get there, did you enjoy the ride? I'm not talking about ethics but about essence, it is really sad to realize you have wasted your life to achieve something that you never longed for just to gain approval or comfort or status or wealth. Everything is right if done for the right reasons but something "right" can be wrong if done for the wrong reasons.

Now I have a question to you, which path is the one that will give you fulfillment satisfaction, will help you evolve and when you look back in time will make you feel proud and good about yourself?

***This article is dedicated to Ioanna a wonderful and charismatic woman that is on the verge of quit asking questions! ***

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