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Getting Past Those Blah Days

Get It Out

When something is bothering you, whether be a family problem or business roadblock, write it down or talk to someone about it. Keeping problems inside only worsen with time. We can never do it all nor solve every problem by ourselves. But we can find solutions.

There is a solution to everything, no matter what. Human drive and passion is what keeps many things from coming to a sound solution. The options are there, you just have to dig around and find them.

Keep a Timeline

Keep a time line or journal of personal and professional accomplishments you cross as they come along. It will server as reminders how you solved things in the past and remind you of your passionate spirit.

Remind Yourself Why

What is your reason for becoming self employed? Freedom or money or giving? Find objects of your affection such as a picture of your family, a nice house you want to buy one day, a charity you want to donate to. Keep these items close by on a wall or on your desktop to server as visual reminders of why you work so hard.

Deal With Problems

Deal with problems as they come along. Map out all solutions you can think of. Then deal with them. Don't put them off.

Turn Opinions Into Fuel

Let people think what they want. Learn to separate criticism from opinion. Not everyone is going to think your product or service is the best in the world. But I'm sure your product or service will be valuable to someone. Follow your heart and your dream.

You think you are the best, but not everyone is going to agree. Let this statement fuel your drive to keep learning and experimenting.

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"Ignore what other people think you like and listen to your heart, it's your passions in life no one can rightfully criticize."

Tia is CEO of Client Centers, LLC, an internet and graphic service business based in Florida since 2000. She also runs and maintains

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