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Overcoming Fear of Terrorism

This week I did a radical thing. I bought a newspaper.

I bought it to read about the events happening in London. I lived there for many years and have friends I love there. It has a very special place in my heart.

We now live in a world where small numbers of people can cause havoc and create fear within the hearts of so many. This is now particularly true of people living in major cities of the world. Individually, we might wonder what the world is coming to. Individually, we may think that there is little or nothing we can do.

There are those in the world who will tell you that the present situation is a prelude to Armageddon. These are those who are caught in the illusion that the only reality is that of time and space.

They will tell you that there is to be a wonderful rapturous moment when the world will end on a day called "Judgement Day." Then God will make it all OK by punishing the bad guys and gals.

This is not going to happen.

This denies the responsibility we each have to wake up. Without accepting individual responsibility we fail to see, as the beautiful Julian of Norwich reminds us, "that all is well and all manner of things shall be well." This is the seeing of the one who knows.

Do not despair of terror in its many forms.

It is a symptom of our degree of separateness from the real world. The outer world is a manifestation of how much we have lost contact with our inner world. Yet there is much beauty in the world if we will choose to see it moment to moment.

I am not one who thinks there is little or nothing that can be done to stem the tide of violence.

I know how much any one of us can do. To think we can do nothing means we create exactly that. Each of us can do so much to change the present situation. Each of us has the responsibility to change the present situation. I use the word responsibility in its real sense. This is "the ability to respond." This ability is often frozen by fear and anxiety about the future.

We are beings of light. We are beings of knowing and beings of eternity.

Our real work in this world of time and space is to make matter conscious. It is to bring the experience of heaven to earth now. It is to realise the experience of heaven within. This does not mean that we all learn to be "nice" people. It does not mean we walk around being like Miss Goody Two Shoes.

It means we have the courage to know and feel who we are in essence this very moment.

When you know and feel who you are "nice" goes out the window. You transcend ideas of duality. You realise that you are simply graced the blessing of being love in action. You become surrendered to the will of the Beloved.

You become totally responsible and able to respond to the world. You do not despair although you will be pained by the suffering that human beings visit upon themselves and each other.

The real wound that is in this world of time and space is the sense that we are separate from love. This is not the sentimental attachment often sung in songs or written about in romantic novels. This is the experience of love as spoken about by the mystics of all religious traditions and none. To glimpse this world of mystery is to see through the glass brightly.

As the wonderful mystic Ralph Waldo Trine reminds me

"If you would find the highest, the fullest and the richest life that not only this world but that any world can know, then do away with the sense of separateness of your life from the life of God."

Use whatever word for God that you feel comfortable with.

I use the word "Love" or the word "Beloved." The later reminds me that it is an instruction. I am instructed to "BE-LOVE-D." I take this instruction sincerely. It reminds me that this is our true nature. It reminds me that despite all appearances there is one thing that will not change.

This is the reality that Love is eternally now. What needs to change is our individual knowing of this experience. This experience of knowing is not the same as belief. This knowing is beyond belief because it is so radically transformational. When you know there is no need for belief.

This week remember in your hearts all those who suffer outrage at the hands of others in whatever form. Remember that those who perpetrate these outrages are lost in the mist of separateness from love.

Love has its own laws. These do not operate solely in the sphere of time and space. The law of love operates in the realm of the timeless. Anyone who transgresses this law must pay the price. This is not because they are judged "good" or "bad" but because this is the law. This is the real law and no individual overrides it.

Those who are outraged may change the nature of the world in this realm of time and space. They cannot, however, change that which is eternal. They cannot change the reality that God is LOVE. They can change the form of energy but they can never destroy it.

I want to leave you with the beauty of Islam.

I lived in England during what were known as "the troubles." As someone from Northern Ireland there were times I felt isolated and alone. This was because following bomb outrages in English cities all Irish and Northern Irish people were suspected terrorists

This is the power of labelling. It is important at this time that we are vigilant in how we judge others of different nationality, religion or any other way that increases our illusion of separateness from each other.

On my altar at home I keep the poetry of Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273).

He is my favourite mystic. His is the true Islam. He is the surrendered one. This is from the wonderful book translated by Coleman Barks entitled "Birdsong." I love the fact that this is the top selling poetry book in the U.S.A.

"Love lit a fire in my chest and anything that wasn't love left: intellectual subtly, philosophy, books, school.

All I want now to do Or hear is poetry."


In this poem Rumi use the word "poetry" as the metaphor for the experience of non-separateness from love.

This week in which outlaws from love have chosen to express their outrage on others remember that the Blessing is already here. You are it if only you take courage and would know.

Please feel free to share this article in anyway you wish.

It is important that each of us do not succumb to fear. In this world of time and space we have the blessing of free choice. We act from fear or we act from love. It is for each of us to learn how to respond and accept the total responsibility of love in action.

This is why we are incarnated here on this beautiful planet. When we learn this lesson we see beyond the mist of illusion. We get to glimpse the wonder of being here now. This is forever enough.

Know that this transcends anything that will ever be perpetrated through terror.

Tony Cuckson 2005

Tony Cuckson is a writer, storyteller and Anamcara. This Celtic term means "Soul Friend." He specializes in providing insight for the spiritual journey, Blessings for YOU, words of wisdom and finding inner peace. Visitors to Irish Blessings Matter website and Tony's Blog get the opportunity to develop a purpose driven life through articles, newsletters and other programs.

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