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Anam Chara - Healing the Heart Matters

Are you prepared to make your heart matter? Are you prepared to feel whole, happy and healed of any heartache?

It does not surprise me our hearts are not whole (the root meaning of the word "heal"). We are taught throughout our unbalanced educational system to avoid our feeling centre. We avoid our true "knowing" in favour of the development of the rational mind.

We make the rational mind the font of all knowledge and we bury any real emotional understanding of our true selves. We prize what is partial over what is holistic. We accept the "ratio" as being more than the whole. Then we wonder why our life`s number doesn`t add up.

Healing your heart is to become whole.

It is to become a balanced human being. It is to leave the world of "forever doing and never enough" to return to simpler ways. This does not mean you have to change your material circumstances. It will mean in all likelihood a change of attitude. It will mean in all likelihood "a change of heart."

We forget we are "feeling beings."

We have become "doers with emotions." Many of our emotions are blocked or out of control. Our feelings are no longer "free flowing." They have become judgements frozen in our bodies. We are like icebergs with enough "bad feelings" lying below the surface of consciousness to sink the greatest relationship.

One great sorrow is we lose the best relationship available.

This is the feeling acceptance of ourselves as we are "warts and all." Healing your heart does not mean you become a "good person." Healing your heart does not mean you become a "nice person." It more likely means you become "an allowing person." You start by giving up judgement. You start to feel your feelings as they are without labels attached.

You allow yourself to "be more" and "do less."

Much of our working, in my opinion, is a rational for avoiding "who we are." Many of us are working extremely hard at "self-improvement" and "self development." Much of us work as a way of avoiding the need "to go home." This is the avoidance of the return to our "home place." Our true home is where our hearts lie.

Your heart is your emotional centre.

Most of us are blocked at this feeling centre to some degree. Many of us are blocked to a major degree. We would prefer to feel diseased rather than at ease with allowing our hearts full expression. Rather than feel our heartache and our heartbreak we avoid it. Rather than allow it flow we block it and in doing so we repeat the pain.

Healing your heart is painful.

It is like the thawing of a frost bitten finger. You want to avoid the pain at any cost. However, avoiding your hearts pain also blocks the finer feelings of love and compassion. These are the feelings that will heal you and give your heart peace.

Journeying deeply into your heart is the story of the hero/ine. This is the story of "becoming whole." It is a journey of the holy.

It is facing the dragons of doubt, despair, anger, hatred and guilt to name only a few. We all have them. They are roaming our emotional terrain. We have them caged. We defend ourselves against these "bad feelings."

We do not like ourselves for having them.

We convince ourselves we can never be lovable for having such a Pandora's box full of dross. We hope never to allow these secrets the light of day. We never get to realise the deeper understanding that "the gold is in the darkness."

Healing your heart begins now.

Healing begins in every new moment. Healing begins by being aware of your mind and how you think. It begins with a commitment to "knowing" what you think. It works toward cessation of this so-called "thinking" so cherished as being rational. Healing works to giving you a sense of "peace of mind." It works toward knowing the voice of the "trickster." This is the voice that says you are not good enough. This is the inner voice most of us listen to each and every day

Your heart needs to be heard.

It is your real teacher. It is to be trusted and known. Its voice is more refined than the voice of the "trickster." Our hearts voice knows our purpose. We have to be willing to go beyond all those gates of locked and loaded emotion. We are the prisoners of our own unprocessed feeling energy.

We can medicate against it and we do. This is the real "growth industry." This way we can avoid feeling our pain but the cost will be heart damage. Eros will not be able to enter your heart. Arrows of passion will not pierce you. You will be alive but you will avoid living your life. As advised by a great Chinese Proverb, "the singing bird will not come." There will be no song heard in your heart.

Healing your heart is the ultimate act of courage.

It is to live in this world with a heart open and free. It is to allow love and compassion to flow through you as an expression of your life force. This is who you really are. Your heart knows this when it is allowed to be whole. Your intellect cannot know this, as it cannot be more than a part. It cannot know the feeling of the "holy."

In healing your heart you are not alone.

There is much healing energy in this world of apparent chaos. We have to be humble enough to ask to be given it. This is a first step alone the road of the heroic. Remember you are always enough. This is an experience you can know as a feeling moment to moment. Make a fullness of heart your focus. You "are worth it."

Blessings upon you now and forever. Remember that the Blessing is already here and you are it.

Tony Cuckson is an Anam Cara. This Celtic term means "Soul Friend." He specializes in providing insight for the spiritual journey, Blessings for YOU, words of wisdom and finding inner peace. Visitors to Irish Blessings Matter website and Tony's Blog get the opportunity to develop a purpose driven life through articles, newsletters and other programs.

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