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House Insurance - Forcible and Violent Entry

Forcible and violent entry (f&ve) is the terminology used within house insurance to describe break-ins.

Most home insurance policies will cover you for theft claims made with no forcible and violent entry. That is to say that despite their being a theft there was no sign of break-in such as a broken window or door.

Common claims follow doors or windows being left open or workmen stealing from the household.

Often home insurance companies also restrict the level of non-f&ve cover available to residents of the home living away in temporary accommodation. The most typical example is students who are covered under their parents home insurance policies. Not having their possessions covered for theft without f&ve is not in keeping with student lifestyles where students are used to coming in and out of each others rooms. Our student claims experience suggests that over a third of theft claims follow no sign of break in to the property. Specilaist student insurance is available in these circumstances from companies like who can cover students under a specialist policy.

On a standard home policy covering non students, non - forcible and violent entry cover is normally provided but their can be exclusions with cash being the most likely exclusion.

To find out what cover you have, you should always check your policy. You should also be aware that their is a fine line between a non f&ve claim and negligence on behalf of the policyholder which can invalidate claims.

Tim Larden writes for a site with information about the UK House Insurance and is a site specialising in cheap contents insurance. Their policies include cover for forcible and violent entry. For a quote on contents insurance, you can use that specialist area of the site. If you live in shared home or flat - there is a lot of specific information relating to forcible and violent entry on the site.

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