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Insurance for Those Who Run Bed and Breakfast Properties

A Bed and Breakfast, often referred to as a B&B, is a private residence with several rooms of which are set aside for overnight guests whose paid accommodations include breakfast. Modern Bed and Breakfast often consciously tries to recall earlier days - they are generally established in charming older houses which have been refurbished and adorned with antique furniture.

Hence insuring one's bed and breakfast property is a better idea to recover any loss caused accidentally. Also, if a guest is injured while staying in the bed and breakfast, and if the adequate liability cover is not in place, the owner has to face the loss. Another important reason to insure one's property is incase one has to close its doors for a while, especially during peak season, due to any number of problems such as fire and storm or a violent or accidental event at the premises. Hence insuring your property at the right time and right insurer will help a prospective owner to compensate the loss.

Most of the bed and breakfast insurance policies cover one's personal property, liability exposures, and optional coverage such as those incurred through business. Property coverage include special cause of loss, actual cash value or optional replacement cost, business income and extra expense, newly acquired or constructed property and business personal property.

The policies available could also cover bodily injury and property damage, contractual coverage, personal injury, advertising injury and host liquor liability. Optional coverage includes crime, food spoilage, guest inconvenience coverage, employee benefits administration liability and ordinance and law coverage.

Generally most insurance policies cover all the bed and breakfast activities including the supply of food and drink. The coverage can be extended to weddings, garden parties, visits by day trippers to historical homes, in-house gymnasiums, fishing and bicycle use, limited horse riding activities and even legal liability cover on stolen credit cards.

Most insurance companies prefer to be informed about changing circumstances within a bed and breakfast property. The management companies should be aware of this responsibility - existing building policies may be affected if there is an increase in the number of bed rooms from that shown in the schedule, and the change not conveyed to the insurers in time for their consideration.

Hence before getting in to any insurance package, it is advisable that the prospective customer rationally selects the package that suits him the best by shopping around and comparing terms, conditions and premiums on a like for like basis.

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