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Japanese Sword: A Great Piece for Any Home

A Japanese Sword is a wonderful decoration to add to any room of your home or office. Many people think that a samurai sword might look out of place in their home if their not Japanese or into martial arts.

That idea is beginning to change.

People who have no Japanese roots and are not necessarily into the martial arts are realizing that a nice Japanese Sword can add beauty to their home.

The Japanese Samurai sword can be a great conversation piece. What do you think of when you think of a samurai warrior. The first thing almost everyone says is "honor".

And it's true.

The samurai followed a strict code of honor and loyalty to each other and their cause.

Japanese Swords are becomming so popular that you can find a very nice sword no matter what your price. You can literally find a nice decoration Japanese Sword for under $100 all the way up to several thousand dollars. Many people are even buying sharpened, battle ready swords just to hang on their wall. Not intending to ever use it but just for the fine qualtiy and craftsmenship. One of the most popular makers of quality samurai swords right now is Cold Steel. Cold Steel swords offer the collector a chance to get a quality sword at a great price. Most of the Cold Steel swords have all traditional parts and fittings. Many practitioners are looking for a sword that is a bit heavier than say a Paul Chen sword for the sake of cutting power. Cold Steel swords deliver a little more weight for that very purpose.

Of course Cold Steel swords also make a beautiful decoration peice to hang on the wall as well as for use in the dojo.

If you're in the market for something different and beautifully you can go wrong with a qualtiy Samurai Japanese Sword.

At Japanese Swords 4 Samurai we have the largest selection of Japanese Samurai swords to choose from.

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