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Creating A Cozy Spot

Having a warm & cozy spot to snuggle up is important as well as renewing. Creating intimacy in your home, or at least in one area of your home, requires a little imagination and some gut feelings. How does your family room or sunroom make you feel when you walk into it? Are the colors inviting? Is there comfortable seating? Winter is the best time to paint and spruce up your rooms because you can take advantage of all the white sales.

If you like to investigate with a "hands on" approach, hop in the car and go to your favorite design stores (listed under Interior Decorators & Designers). Look at the colors they're using as well as the kinds of furniture and fabrics. Observe the accessories like throws, candles and mirrors. You can get ideas from all kinds of stores like Pier 1, department stores and small boutiques. Picture in your mind how that still life would look in your home, take notes and try to understand how it made you feel. If this is a cozy spot in which you'd like to plop down right now and read a long novel, you've hit gold.

Do the same investigating on the web by scoping out stores, designers, designing sites, decorating websites and how-to forums. Begin to learn why you like or dislike certain elements, colors, etc. You're working toward a focus on a comfortable spot in your home.

Here are some easy steps:

Invest in a warm color for your walls, inexpensive draperies on simple pole rods with classy finials and a chenille throw (and maybe even a "bear" rug!). Move your main chair close to the couch, add some lovely greenery items, candles and statuary to the coffee table and you're set! Be sure to have a side table available to place your book and cup of tea on while you enjoy your warm surroundings.

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