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Tribal Persian Rugs

Tribal or nomadic rugs are produced by nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes whose lifestyles have traditionally revolved around breeding sheep and weaving. The rugs produced today are similiar to rugs produced centuries ago.

Nomadic tribes use rugs for more than floor coverings. They are also used as bags, seating and other home furnishings. These rugs are very fashionable today due to their bold colors and primitive designs.

Here are some of the more popular styles of tribal carpets:

1. Gabbeh - these rugs are most well known for their variety of colorful designs and simple geometric patterns. Typically, there is no sense of balance or symmetry in Gabbeh rugs. The weaver will include any design, motif or color that they like. Gabbeh rugs are very popular in the west due to their bright designs.

2. Shiraz - the designs on these rugs are very simple and geometric. They typically include geometric motifs, often featuring huge diamond-shaped medallions, small animals or plants can also be seen in parts of the field. Colors include brown, rust, beige, with navy or black outlines.

3. Lori - Lori rugs typically have bright and lively colors. These carpets often have traditional floral patterns, but geometric ones are also seen. These rugs were not originally made to be sold, but meant as dowry items of practical value such as floor coverings, blankets, storage bags, saddle blankets, and as family insurance against future hard times.

3. Qashqui - The Qashqai rugs have very warm and magical designs. Typical colors consist of terra cotta, taupe, and navy blue. Most of the rugs produced by the Qashgai nomads are marketed inside the ancient city of Shiraz.

Tribal rugs are a unique style of Persian rug and can be used in most home decorating situations.

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