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Furniture Bench - The Many Varieties & Uses For One In Your Home

Furniture benches are benches that can be used indoors and for literally any room of the house. For example, a furniture bench would work perfect for entry ways or foyers. With this, people would have a comfortable place to sit while waiting, putting on shoes, and so on. For a child's room, a furniture bench would be ideal for reading stories and if designed with a hinged lid, a place for storing toys. Below are a number of specific furniture benches and how they can enhance the look of your home while being functional.

Going back to the kid's room, if you have a little girl then you could choose from a lovely white furniture bench with claw feet, beautiful molding, a crown designed top, and sloped skirt. With a pink or purple cushion seat on top, your little girl would love having this furniture bench to call her own. Perhaps she would want something with a little more character such as the "Dora the Explorer" furniture bench. With this, there is a colorful painted scene that brings life to your child's room, allowing her imagination to run free.

For a little boy's room, you will find a number of creative furniture benches that are replicas of ambulances, fire trucks, racecars, and more. These come in a number of wood choices and are wonderfully handcrafted with colorful detailing. Most of these furniture benches have a closing lid, great for keeping the room organized and neat. In addition, a furniture bench that looks just like daddy's workbench is a perfect choice. You will find these with actual attached bags that hold toy tools!

For the adults, you have a huge selection of styles and uses. For instance, you could choose a beautiful furniture bench to keep by the back door that would hold all the dog's supplies. These come in a number of sizes but a popular choice is one that measures 40 x 14 x 17.75 inches. Some of these include drawers that are great for brushes, nail clippers, leashes, and so on. Again, many of these have a cushioned seat, providing a place to sit while getting Fido ready for his walk.

Placing a furniture bench at the foot of the bed for added storage is also something seen in many bedrooms. Because these are available is so many styles, you can find a bench that fits in perfectly with any décor. Many times, these benches will be made from oak or mahogany and may or may not be adorned with brass accents. Again, this type of furniture bench also has storage where extra throws, sheets, pillows, or blankets can be stored.

If you want just a simple furniture bench for the telephone or display of fresh flowers, these too are available. The nice thing about this type of bench is that they are small so they fit well in any home and prices at around $30, anyone can afford one. The bottom line is to determine the best room and how a furniture bench can provide you with additional seating, storage, and room appeal.

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