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Decorating Roll Up Bamboo Shades

Plastic or real bamboo roll up shades can be decorated with a designed waterproof shower curtain in front so when you roll it down for your Jacuzzi or other relaxation area it will be most pleasant to your eyes, and also serves as a privacy shade. The most popular are done in tropical print to add to a special area of relaxation. To attach it use hooks that you would use to hang the bamboo shade up with. Then attach it to the front and use the ropes on the sides to weave the shower curtain onto it. Everyone loves a view, so choose a curtain most pleasant to your eyes. Tired of that scene? Change it as many times as you like!

This simple addition will amaze you and your friends, they'll all want to know where you came up with such a good idea. Remember you can change the scene as often as you would like. You can use the cloth type curtain or the waterproof type if it's for an outside area such as a hot tub or pool area.

This project is really that easy and makes a big difference in the ambiance within an area. Give it a try and you can keep playing around with the different looks and locations. Go to my site and e-mail me to let me know how you used your shades to decorate an area.

This Article was written by Chad Young. Chad has been coming up with inexpensive ideas to decorate your home for many years and is one of the foremost creative people you will ever encounter when it comes to using what you have on hand. to learn more about decorating and find decorating items visit his website at:

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