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Goose Down Comforters - Warm, Cozy, and Lightweight

Who wouldn't want a goose down comforter and a pretty duvet cover to keep warm at night? There is nothing that holds your body heat in and keeps the cold out like goose down. Goose down comforters are made with the down sewn in baffles between specially designed fabric. The feathers do a good job of keeping the goose warm and they do the same thing for us. You will usually find the comforters in white and you want to protect them, so add a pretty duvet cover and your bedroom is well on its way to being beautiful as well as cozy. When it comes to goose down comforters and duvet covers, price is an issue. You can find both at any price, but the lesser expensive ones are not as warm because the goose feathers will fall down to the edges creating thin layers on top for you to sleep under. This is not good for a cold winter night. If your comforter is constructed correctly, the goose feathers will stay within the baffles and you will continue to have a fluffy warm comforter. Watch for sales and end of the year clearance prices for a great savings on real goose down comforters.

If you have allergies, check the label for the down comforter you are planning on purchasing. Some say that a 100% goose down is the best and a natural repellent to dust mites. It is the mixture of feathers that people get into allergy trouble; either for featherbeds or comforters. Read the labels so you know what you are buying. You might find a comforter that is Hungarian goose and part syriaca clusters. Syriaca is a natural down like fiber from the milk weed plant. You can see why you might have an allergic problem to a down comforter like this. The Siberian goose is one of the best down comforters in the world. Siberian down is considered ounce to ounce to have the best thermal properties than other types of goose down. Another type of comforter is Eiderdown. These comforters are the finest, warmest and rarest of the down comforters. They feel extremely warm and are very light weight.

Eider ducks are only found in the North Atlantic in Iceland. The mother duck plucks her own down to feather the nest to keep the eggs warm. The down is then harvested by hand after the next has been abandoned. This is very labor intensive as you can imagine. Any eiderdown comforter is considered heirloom quality since they are so rare.

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