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A Look at Edible Fruit Baskets

By their very nature, all fruit baskets, especially the original ones, qualify as edible fruit baskets. After all, when a fruit basket was filled with nothing but fruit, by definition everything in them was edible and therefore qualified as an edible fruit basket. But with today's more competitive marketplace, fruit baskets have grown to include much more than food items. In an attempt to differentiate them from fruit baskets that contain non-food items, the term edible fruit baskets was born - again nobody knows exactly where, or when, or who first used it - to signify a fruit basket containing only items that could only be eaten. Nothing drinkable; no wines, no organic juices were included, nor were any jams or jellies or spreads. Essentially, edible fruit baskets don't contain anything that should be left over after a short-lived, sumptuous feast of its contents.

Some people get confused by the term "edible fruit basket." They think that the basket itself is edible - and in some cases they are correct. There are types of edible fruit baskets where the basket is weaved out of soft edible grasses or noodles and even coated, sometimes, with chocolate or other spreads to make them more palatable. Granted, this type of basket is usually only offered in certain countries of Southeast Asia and does not account for the confusion here in America regarding the phrase, but it does lend some mystery to the term.

In general, edible fruit baskets are built around food themes to make them more attractive to the public. For example, certain edible fruit baskets contain a selection of organic fruit, combined with small amounts of organic nuts and candies. Others concentrate on foods from certain areas of the world such as France, Italy or China. Whatever can be combined into one edible fruit basket and be thought of as a special treat will be made available to a public willing to try them. The single most popular edible fruit basket today has to do with health. Packed with perfect fresh organic fruit, granola, nuts, raisins, sugar-free candy, trail mix and a bounty of other items all created from the prospective of eating healthy foods, this edible fruit basket outsells all other edible fruit baskets almost three-to-one.

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