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Picnic Baskets for Two

Picnic baskets for two provide an intimate way to celebrate any occasion, whether it be a much-needed period of time spent alone with your mate or a reunion between friends. Instead of using paper plates, paper napkins, plastic cups, and plasticware, why not step it up a bit? But how are you going to carry all those fine china plates, wine glasses, large water thermoses, and other odds and ends?

You might consider browsing for picnic baskets for two. Picnic baskets for two contain all the dishes, glasses, serving items, and more, to satisfy all your two-person picnicking needs. They are packed neatly in a basket of varying materials, shapes, and sizes, to suit whatever needs you have.

One picnic basket for two that you can buy online. One such product is basically a box that opens and closes on high-quality hinges, with a very secure latch so that it won't fall open, and a black handle for easy carrying. It contains porcelain plates, bone china mugs, glasses, knives, forks, and spoons, cotton napkins, an insulated thermos, a tray, and a corkscrew. On the plates are pictures of people hunting, fishing, and so on, making for a great Father's Day gift, for example.

For something simpler, you can also get a picnic basket backpack, made of nylon with shoulder straps for easy carry. You can get one that holds plates, mugs, and so on, or you can get one that just holds a bottle of wine and two wine glasses securely in the internal webbing.

Picnic Baskets Info provides detailed information about decorative, wholesale, wicker, gourmet, and wine picnic baskets, as well as picnic gift baskets, picnic baskets for two, and more. Picnic Baskets Info is the sister site of Fruit Baskets Web.

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