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A Guide to Acrylic Kitchen Sinks

Unlike laminates, acrylic and/or polyester plastics are homogenous nonporous material. Kitchen sinks made from acrylic come in different thickness and numerous colors. They can be polished but are often seen with a matte finish. They can be expensive and in many cases, more expensive than granite.

Acrylic sinks are non-porous and stain and scratch resistant. They are easy to clean. Each sink can be cleaned with ordinary non-abrasive cleaners and can be sanitized with household bleach. They are seamless. One major disadvantage of acrylic is that hot pots can melt the material.

Acrylic sinks come with authentic solid surface and in a wide variety of styles and solid granite colors. The same sink can be installed as drop-in or undermount, because they are light in weight. It can go with a variety of faucets as holes can be drilled easily into them.

They withstand temperatures up to 365 F and won't chip or rust. The sound-absorbing construction gives relief from noisy dishwashing and provides quieter garbage disposal operation.

Acrylic sinks tend to have a ""shiny"" look, which appeals to many homeowners because they brighten up a kitchen. They are also popular because they come in a variety of colors.

These types of sinks are the most sleek and stylish and are made in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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