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What Exactly Is A Reverse Mortgage And How Does It Work?

A reverse mortgage is a certain loan that allows the older generation to take their home equity and turn it into cash. With this type of loan the bank is actually paying you monthly out of the equity in your home. The funds from reverse mortgages can be used for whatever you like. Many people like to use it for taking a trip, home renovations, buying new furniture, or just for day to day living. Most people don't realize that they have this option with their homes equity.

The age minimum for this type of home loan is 62. You can still get a reverse loan even if you are still paying on your mortgage as long as there is some home equity built up. There are a few requirements though, like the house should be in good condition, not ant or termite infested. It will be inspected before any loan is approved. So before even considering this type of thing, make sure that any deficiencies have been dealt with.

There are three different kinds of a reverse mortgage: FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Insured, underinsured, and uninsured. They all have their differences so be sure to find the one that's right for your situation. Being able to make use of your home equity while you are still alive is the whole idea of this type of mortgage. But it's not for everyone, as it will lower the amount left to your estate. Some people may like this, but others may want to leave all they have to their children.

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