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Organized Living-Secrets About Your Lifes Hidden Power Revealed

An organized living lifestyle can cause you to weed out those prolonged situations of failure...poor health...frustration... hopelessness...and cure undesirables like anger, loneliness, depression and fear, which are blocking the effective communication between you and your hidden power within.

Your way of thinking is the core secret behind your happiness,sadness...success or failure. Don't believe that the way you now think, is the way you were born to think and function...No...NO..your present situation is directly related to the way you were taught and programmed to think.

To change your life you must change your existing thought patterns! In doing so, you are immediately starting an unconscious process of directing the hidden or...inner power...towards a more organized living lifestyle...or whatever you wish.

Change my way of thinking? you may ask....that's impossible! You may answer. I would agree that it sounds impossible, but it's not! Even though so much literature has been written on the subject.....and few of us seem able to make any kind of change.

The main cause is...most people firmly believe that they cannot change...themselves or their lifestyle. They are destined to be the way they are...or, someone else has to change their life for them. Wrong!

Let me say that your way of thinking can be changed...but not overnight...which most folks might expect. It is a gradual process, since it was learnt, then it has to be unlearnt.

The thoughts you have encouraged and harbored over...let's say...ten years, would not just vanish into thin air. You must now learn to gain control over them if you are to achieve a successful organized living lifestyle.

Let me now reveal to you that it is the same...power within...that prevents you from making any change because it loves you and does your bidding, believing that your present situation is what you so desire and would not change, unless convinced to do so.

The act of convincing must come about from learning to replace unwanted thoughts. Then changes would begin to manifest every single day of our life.

Having said that, can you powerful or weak...successful or unsuccessful you can make yourself by either directing or misdirecting that power thought.

Your achievements would be unbelievable for wanting to create an organized living and of course...a profitable lifestyle.

To encourage the kind of overnight change that most folks expect, I would strongly advise that your organized living plan be...

(1)Realise that you and that power are one. Do not believe that you are some lost forgotten soul, regardless to what other people may say. You are not!

(2)Practice love and forgiveness of self and others. This action would be your victory secret. Immediately you will start alerting the power within to start guiding and preparing you for a positive and healing Change.

(3) You must have a positive insight for living a prosperous life and a strong inward desire to be successful."Living fine living" is a term one my colleagues always use.

(4)I would advise that you forget the things you should forget about your past and not the past itself. For example: If you learnt a secret formula that brings you happiness and prosperity and has been using it for the past thirty years, would you try to forget it?

I have encountered so much literature about conquering and letting go of your past.....burning your bridges and so on, but it can definitely be seen that the majority of people seem not to fully understand the meaning of...Forget the past.

I hope you get a clearer picture by the explanation I have just given in...No4

Let me now close by saying that you are always in control of your destiny even though it does not seem that way. I would be introducing you to more organized living secrets and getting into further detail in a forth-coming article about Words.

Reorganize your thoughts for organized living and have a of your life. Thanks for your time.

Courtney Rouse is a retired Telecommunications employee whose achievements have singled him out in the community, where he now resides. He has been studying self improvement and empowerment, thought processes and related topics for about twenty years. Find out more about Organized Living at: http://www.better-priced- and benefit from the experience

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