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5 Easy Steps to Making Housework More Manageable

Sometimes the task of keeping a clean, tidy house just seems overwhelming. Why is that? Because it never ends! You never get done! In order to make the task more manageable and give you the feeling that you have accomplished something. I've broken it done into 5 easy steps.

The first step is to survey every room in your house making a list of everything that needs to be done.

After you have done this you can break it down further by deciding how often things need to be done and who should do it. Scheduling housework is important because it gives you the feeling that you actually completed your tasks for the day making housework more satisfying.

After you have decided what needs done and how often and who should do it. Now take 7 sheets of paper and write one day of the week on each. Now start placing the jobs into the days of the week. Chores that need done everyday will be on every sheet, the ones that only need done once a month will go on a monthly chore sheet. Don't worry if you don't put everything from one room into one day, you'll be doing daily cleaning and getting done what needs to be done that day. You'll be surprised how wonderful this can be, when your list is done you are done. Period. This way when my daughter ask me when I'll be done cleaning I have an answer, When I get the things on my list done. Do you want to help?

Next type up your list in a wordprocessing program and save them in a folder titled "weekly housecleaning" print off several of each day and put them on the fridge or somewhere out of the way that you can remember.

Each day grab the list for that day and start going down the list. You'll be surprised how quickly it goes, and it's sort of a game to see if you can finish your list. Actually you can go really quickly because you will be doing these chores on a regular basis now and things won't get overlooked, so you don't have to spend very much time on any one thing.

There you go, 5 easy steps to keep your house in tip top shape and you will never have to worry about unexpected guests again. Check back for more house cleaning tips!

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