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Some Farmers and Organic Growers are Upset at Monsanto

The organic farmers are angry that Monsantos terminator GM seeds will prevent the farmers from saving seeds from their harvest for next years crops and that Monsanto wishes to put them out of business. Actually it sure makes for headlines, unfortunately that is not how free enterprise works.

Kudos For Monsanto Company

I applaud Monsanto for their R and D. I would like to meet the head R and D man there and shake his hand for his drive and stick-to-it-ness to find solutions to feed the world.

Free Markets, Farmers, and GM Crops

Many are condemning the latest GM Terminator seeds. Yet there is not need to cause a raucous because the free market will decide which seeds farmers buy? When a Corporate farmer plows under the crop for next season sometimes he uses the old seeds for new life next season.

Should Farmers Plant GM Terminator Seeds?

If a farmer plants the same crop three seasons in a row he might like to have the non-terminating, but if he plants winter wheat and regular wheat he gets paid by the purity as part of his yield and therefore, would prefer the terminating, having no left over seeds growing within his ranks. Also he can plant GM one year when needed for Ethanol and then another type later for another purpose.

Environmentalists Often Complain About GM Crops

Maybe some of the people complaining ought to go to Africa and tell people to stop breeding like rats? Think of all the GM Crops can do for plastics, synthetic material and even for NASA since they are working with these R and D facilities to make organic materials with GM crops. All this special R and D is paid for by these companies due to the future promise of potential profits, but it is not without risk.

Questioning Both Sides of the GM Crop Debate

One question not addressed in GM Crops and Monsanto Terminator Seeds Debate and one which cannot be found in any of the online white papers on the subject is: What is known about Bee Pollination with regards to these things, if the seeding an cross-pollination cannot use the services of the Bees and Butterflies then this too could mean lower yields and thus hurt Monsanto and those which buy certain seeds from certain crops from them as well as feeding the world? And what about Wild crops in some countries that feed people? Would they be slowed due to a larger percentage of Terminating seeds?For anyone to say that a reality based decision such as the decision by the USDA to allow further implementation of Terminating GM Seeds: "flies in the face" is utter International liberal biased rabble rousing by environmental terrorists involved personal agendas and therefore is a bogus notion indeed. So what if flies in the face of public opinion if it is a viable solution? After all what is "public opinion" these days but a mirror of our daily TV intake and newspaper controversy driven sound a fury daily bombardment?Are we going to allow destruction and havoc and future starvation of billions of people based on a minority group with sharp tongues for media sound bites? Or are we as a human race dedicated in the cause of serving mankind and bring him to the absolute fullest potential in this period and set a course to go beyond the perceived possible future of the next period.

Fury and Sound as GM Seeds Abound

We have all heard of the huge debates surrounding genetically modified crops. Yet we also have all seen the advertising to sponsor a child in the third world.

Environmentalists Say GM Seeds are Bad News

Environmentalists say GM Seeds are bad for the environment, dangerous to the security of the world's food supply and will cause millions to starve. Yet when one really looks at the debate none of those statements can be made in absolute truth.

How Small Business Benefits From Supporting Labor Unions

For a short time I worked as a union officer for the office workers' union at Walt Disney studios. It was a very educational experience and one thing I learned is that people have a strange attitude about the relationship between unions and business management.

Homeless, Trash, Drugs and Transient Issues

In Police Magazine I read a great article about transient problems and how they were solved for the betterment of all in Ft Collins, Colorado. This program was called (COP) Community Oriented Policing.

Telemarketing and Job Losses

Telemarketing and DO NOT CALL lists sure made headlines, but I bet there is something you did not realize. The good news about such industries is they bring in good telecommunication infrastructures, lower costs for consumers telephone bills, and are pollution free.

OSHA is just more BS from the Blob of Bureaucracy

Is Ohio Manufacturing Sector really unable to compete in the world market? Is the auto industry, which is the state's manufacturing rock really in jeopardy. Are the Unions really killing the manufacturing sector causing off shoring of American jobs? Let me offer an alternative view of the situation from an Ayn Rand perspective.

Ohio Department of Transportation; Sector Economic Reality

Ohio's transportation sector seems to be strong, even with Ohio's outrageous attack on the trucking industry. That one has to be politics.

The Contemporary Global Marketplace - IT, Software, and Services

"Had there not been outsourcing and utilization of cheaper resources offshore, average computer users would not have been able to afford the hardware and software that are available to them today." In this manner, author Robin Sood brushes aside superficial criticism of outsourcing and brings home to the reader of IT, Software and Services: Outsourcing and Offshoring two key points: outsourcing is already widely used and its positive effects go well beyond increased company profits.

Predator or Prey; Hunter or the Hunted; Teacher or the Pupil; Winning or Losing?

This is a thought on the study of Home and Away Games, The Best Team Always Has the Advantage. Predators and Prey; The Hunters and The Hunted.

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