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Problems in the Media

I am noticing an increasing and alarming rate to which the media journalists in all forms use the media for public opinion and not for news. Whereas this is not all bad, it is bad when it is purported as news and not public opinion.

Clearing Land Mine Fields from the Air

You know we have sent many, many army tanks with protruded devices used for minesweeping to the Middle East from the Logistics Base in our country. They are assigned to removing the left over land mines of past wars.

Medicade Scam; Worse than You Think

You are not going to believe what is going on in North Western Michigan; Check this scam out, typical health care fraud. There is a $3000 allowance per month if your child is on medicade because the parent is poor.

Public Notaries

We are having a problem in America with Public Notaries, in many states. There is required 'errors and omissions insurance' and it costs quite a bit of money and many people have quit the profession.

Wartime Prisoners and the Will to Fight; War is Hell, Let's Win Alright?

We learned some lessons in these last few wars. For instance: some of Saddam's Iraqi army personal may have given up or volunteered to give up to slow us down.

Going All Out to Win a War

Conventional warfare is getting to its limits. Soon wars will be fought by robots and on many more fronts, which will render civilization completely immobilized.

Bringing Back Mining Jobs to the United States

With new environmental technologies and modern efficiency methods in mining can we revive this sector of our economy. It would be great for manufacturing costs and coupled with the current low dollar we stand to make gain quite a bit if we can.

Global Entrepreneurs, Mining and Raw Materials

There are many mines around the world, which are owned by the new global citizen who considers no country their home. Literally a world-class jet set of entrepreneurs.

Federal Trade Commission Partnerships Questioned

In many reports we see that the Federal Trade Commission has referenced the Better Business Bureau. It appears that the Federal Trade Commission is using this private business as an example and potential justification of their on-going rule making and regulation in many industry sectors and categories.

Mexican Trucks in the United States; NAFTA Trade and Problems

Expected new applications for Mexican trucks to enter the US to be over 9000 in 2005. Most of these newer applications will be to take freight to Port Los Angeles for shipping to Asian markets, and importing parts to be assembled and shipped to Mexico and later sold in the US.

US Government Owes Martha Stewart 1 Billion Dollars

The prosecutors in the Martha Stewart Case used testimony from an FBI agent who lied under oath to secure a conviction. The prosecutors knowingly and willfully allowed the FBI agent to tell a lie while he was a witness in the courtroom.

Paper Industry

The paper industry in the US is hurting. Due to supply and demand prices are way up.

Constitutional Amendment Needed on Sodomy Laws

Many very nice and loving homosexual male couples want to get married. Sure they can have various personal vows and contractual relationships, share monies; even call themselves married; domestic partners or sole mates.

Emerging Markets, Property Law

I read an interesting article in foreign Affairs magazine last year, and recently in the Economist also. The articles stated in some way that a country without a set of laws for property rights would mean slow-growth, lack of foreign investment and economic vitality would be scarce.

National ESRI Policies

Many are very impressed with the NIMA (National Imagery and Map Agency) "Infotech Project." Not only does this give the US the edge from CIA, NSA and NRO but the implications for business are unbelievable.

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