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Water at the Roots of Twenty First Centurys Conflicts

According to a postulate made by Ignacio Ramonet ecological resources are deemed to constitute the main cause of this new century. Water as a source of scourge concerns: oceans and seas on the one hand (that's over 71 of the globe surface) and access to potable water (underground reserve and rivers) on the other hand.

The Economic Giant-- A Closer Look at China

IT'S NO LONGER NEWS THAT CHINA IS BECOMING A MAJOR player on the world economic scene. Yet, as we've noted in past editions, investing in China is fraught with uncertainty, due to a still un-free political situation, and insecure property rights.

Spies in Seminaries - Stalin the CEO

The use of religion is well-documented as a social engineering tool and Francis Fukayama's 'The End of History and The Last Man' admits he and his ilk are adept in this regard. Magicians and propagandists are everywhere in the history of Empire since the days of Tuthmosis if not long before that.

The Unborn and Cloning

The UnbornWith all this cloning in the news one can't help but to treat himself to the human embryo side of the moon, I mean: womb; it's just brings me back to old news days 20 to 25-years ago. Not sure how far we've come, where we are going, and for the most part, where we are at.

RFID: Californias Identity Information Protection Act

Utah introduced a bill designed to limit the use of RFID by state and county government. It was voted down.

Mental Masturbation of FTC Franchise Rule Report

Please read through this quick thought and discussion as if a conversation where one party has been taken out and we are left with a monologue as the other debater is missing. Assume that debater is the compilation of arguments presented and only existing in the 432 page, 10-year late report of the Federal Trade Commission' Franchise Rule, for it does not exist in reality or in any way lend itself to any sort of modern day economic theory of free markets, free men, the rights of men and created corporate entities to free contract.

Federal Trade Commission Falsely Purports Franchise Disclosure is Cost Effective

In a recent report on the status of the Franchising Industry, the Federal Trade Commission knowingly and falsely purported that its Franchise Disclosure Rules are cost effective. In fact; there is nothing inexpensive or "cost-effective" about the 190 to 230 pages of disclosures that franchisors must give to prospective franchisees.

Federal Trade Commission Franchising Division; Inept?

Why are we over regulating the franchising industry? What are we doing to an industry which has given so much to America? Is the Federal Trade Commission Franchising Division; inept? They keep making rules and the over disclosure has the average UFOC - Uniform Franchise Offering Circular at over 200 pages? This is insanity; not to mention a waste of paper.No one in the Federal Trade Commission Franchising Division should be allowed to make rules unless they themselves have worked in an actual franchisor sales office, completed the International Franchisor Associations 'Certified Franchise Executive Course' and owned an actual franchised outlet.

George Bush--A New World Order

When this president's father was in the Oval Office, he was fond of singing the praises of the "New World Order" that was to arrive. The phrase carried a lot of baggage, especially with conservatives who had long heard the term associated with a one-world government with little room for individual rights.

The FTC Purports and Misrepresents Their Law Enforcement Experience as It Attacks Business

We should all give much kudos to the Federal Trade Commission. We sincerely compliment you on your misdirection, smoke screams and use of self-aggrandizement to further justify the on-going ability to govern, lead, legislate, regulate, and enforce law in the franchising industry.

FTC Franchise Rule Making Sound and Fury in the Sand Box of Free Markets

Today we have a new franchise report from the Federal Trade Commission to further inhibit the franchise model thru more redundant paper work and over regulation, which will only serve the lawyers and give job security to the bureaucrats. However, it serves no free man in this present period.

Hypocrisy of Over Regulation

All to often law makers and regulators create rules and regulations using a linear mindset. They claim they understand the issues, even have public hearings to prove it.

Should the FTC be Allowed to Regulate Franchising?

Recently the FTC, Federal Trade Commission put forth a report on franchising. They want to further add to the franchise rule, even though they should be reducing regulation since there is not fraud to speak of.

Fraud From FTC Insiders, Who Can You Trust?

The FTC franchising division purports their law enforcement experience in a recent report on franchising. Yet they are so busy attacking companies without solving the real issues.

A Need to Review Abortion Laws In Belgium

INTRODUCTIONThe aim of writing this article is to encourage the long standing pro-life battle against abortion and protecting the rights of unborn babies to experience life on earth as nature permit it to be. Thousands of unborn babies are being aborted in Belgium by wicked mothers just by convincing the physician with any of those reason covered by the laws of which a woman can abort without facing any criminal charges.

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