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Media Advertising: New Alcohol Advertising Codes - 1 October 2005

Businesses advertising alcohol either in TV or non-broadcast format need to ensure they comply with the new Alcohol Advertising Codes ("Codes"). The Codes for both TV and non-broadcast advertisements have now been published.

US Government Sore Losers in Not So Neighborly Dispute

I'm getting a little tired of being lectured by that "pin-headed, pencil-necked" whiner David Wilkins, about what Canada should do and not do with respect to the failed softwood lumber talks.Wilkins, the US Ambassador to Canada, said today that Canadian politicians should stop their ''emotional tirades'' and order the country's trade representatives back to the bargaining table to reach a final settlement.

Lost and Found in Gaza

The evacuation of Gaza is now completed, and the world has been watching closely. As a proud member of the Jewish People, I have nothing but admiration for the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, for the humane way they carried out this most difficult military assignment.

Think You Dont Need A License for A Wireless Microphone? Think Again

Believe it or not, every theatre, church, or Britney Spears wannabe using a wireless microphone is supposed to have a license for it. No, I'm not making this stuff up.

Russian State Administration Gives New Facelift to Oil and Energy Resources

With the world's largest oil and natural gas reserves, second in coal production and eighth largest oil assembly, President Vladimir Putin draws grandiose plan for the country's hydrocarbon reserve encouraging drilling and investment plans aimed at further development. Private investments, domestic or foreign is however, a big no-no, rather state government plays the steward to Russia's energy patrimony or to say 'serve the national interest'.

5 Years in Prison for Satirical Flash Films About the President of Belarus

They do not allow the criticism of the president in any kind, whether it would be an animated file, a joke, the poster or the broadcast. So they believe in Minsk and don't understand humour.

Positive People Power - Taking Control By Being Proactive NOT Reactive!

WE MUST PUT A STOP TO THE EVER-INCREASING PRICE OF OIL!In the last few months the price of many necessities has markedly increased. Sure, we can call it 'inflation' and say it's just a part of life - but it's a component which is slowly but surely strangling all of us, financially.

Mexico; Look What We Did

The number-one question people ask us is, "What possessed you to move to Mexico?" The number-one answer we give is that we simply could no longer afford to live in America, so we found a country where we could, and moved there.We found ourselves in a position not unlike many Americans: A major illness strikes, unexpectedly, and though insured and with incomes, the cost of funding the illness simply becomes too much.

In Defense of the Feds Vs Katrina

I, too, am saddened by the disaster in New Orleans and other areas effected and affected by the storm that stomped its way through there.*BUT* jumping on the US Agencies for in-adequate response isn't right either.

We Are Turning a Corner in Foreign Relations, Thanks GW Bush!

Kudos goes out to the George Walker Bush's Administration and long-term strategy in the world to take the high road in our foreign relations policy. Today we see relief donations coming in from around the world, why? Well because despite what you read in the newspapers about our Middle East efforts, it shows that we, America, is seen as a country with the right attitude and vision.

Is George Bush Two-Faced?

Yes, Bush is two-faced. The two sides of the faces are total opposites.

Victims of Child Support

"Similar to Medieval Inquisitions, judges have been given the authority, in secret proceedings..

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